why haven't i ever flied in a dream?

In all my life i never have flu in a dream.i have counted down.all people around me talk how to fly in dreams why i never dont!i haven’t flied even a once in a dream!what causes this and is the tutrial to make my self to fly?

There are many different ways of doing so. Swimming in the air is what i usually do.

Isn’t that suppose to be simple if y’er lucid?

I had that problem for a while. I guess for some people it’s easy (they fly in their first LD), while for others it takes more practice. I fly by using some device to help me out at first (jetpack, hang glider, etc) and then I don’t need it once I’m flying.

I would recommend the Different Styles of Flying thread, and tosxyChor’s Dream Control Training Course for more information and suggestions. Remember that it’s your LD and you can do what you want! Good Luck! :grin:

You can just check out the topic about different styles of flying and figure out your own :smile:
Just use the one that seems most appropriate for you, or combine another one entirely from what you’d like to do ^^ Imagine yourself doing it already, that can help a lot and save you some surprises :content:

For some people it is. But in general you need to train to achieve “lucid powers”. I have been flying in ND’s my entire life so LD flying was easy for me and since I’ve done it in ND’s so much it was never my top-priority.

I have never flown in a ND as well ive tried both times ive been lucid and have been unable, my new aproach ,because i have many water dreams, is to go for a swim and dive down and then have the water dissapear making me flying :happy: just what im gonna try, to each his own

Air swimming is best for me, but everyone is different. I suggest you try every method you know of and practice the one you had the most success with.

Iv’e never flown in a dream in my body, iv’e flown as a dragon thow. :dragon: