Flying, a tutorial

[com][commment] I had a lot of problems with flying, when I was new to LDing. I’ve got way too much failed trys. Well, some people can do it naturally - but not everyone. Now I am more experienced in it, and a trought came across my mind- why wont I write a something, that will help people to learn to fly ? [/com]

Point of that is to write logical help for beginners that have flying problems.

It’s not long - it olny seems so.

As I’m writing it, I guess everyone here can get lucid in dream. So I’ll not concentrate on it. However, These are some useful links, If you cant get lucid in dream:

•How to choose your technique tutorial•Main LD4all Lucid Dreaming Guidie
•Pathways to Lucidicy

OK, so you are realizing that you are dreaming. What is thing you have to do now:

Step 0. Do not get overexcited. That will always ruin your hard effort to get lucid.

Step 1. Get REALLY lucid, so much as you olny can. More lucidicy in dreams means bigger chance of succeful flying. In most of low-lucid dreams you will have problems with flying, or even be unable to do so. The important thing is to understand that this all, everything around does not exists in reality. This all happens olny in your head. Everything around is creation of your subconscious. So you are the one, that can control it. Noone else. That’s thing that seems to most important. Here you have some useful tips:

Quotes has been taken from THAT topic

OK, so you are highly lucid ? Let’s proceed to next step:

Step 2. Say “It’s MY dream, I CAN control it !”

That one was not too hard ? I guess so. Now hardest thing:

Step 3a. Try to fly. You have loads of possible ways to do it. Here are most common ones:

•Superman style - feel power from your feets. It’s one of most common and easiest to flying fast techniqes.
•Just-fly - Well, it’s not much to say: This is your dream, so you just can fly. Dont think how, but just do it. Use willpower.
•Air Swimming - Air gets heavier, so you can swim in it.
•Spread arms - Spread arms and glide, like parachute or plane.
• Summon a Jetpack - Not very common, but easy - just say “There IS a jetpack behind me / in that cupboard/ in that box”. Then take it, and fly! Later you can stop feeling it, and fly by willpower.

Full list of flying techs is in THAT topic.

Just do it. If you are enough lucid (look step one), you will have no problems. There still is one ? You cannot take off ? Well, go to step 2.

If you are falling back to step 2 too much times, and you are too bored by that, go back to step 1. Then do thing like that

Step 3b. Shock therapy. Get into high place - it can be top of really building, Grand Canyon in your garden, or anything else. Then do step 2, and spread arms. Jump in it. If you are enoughly lucid, you will glide in it. While falling down, you can try every another techinque. You dont even have to see bottom of it. A very useful tip: Fog helps to extend falling time, basically allows to make it so long you want to. It covers down of place, so you cannot see it’s end.

Final word:
With time you will master your flying skills. Flying will became one of naural ways to move. I hope it will help some people.

Great, Duck. I don’t have SO much trouble flying any more, but still I think it’s a good tutorial.

Nice tutorial…

I even learned a few new tricks :cool:

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Nice one, I think that this will help me alot :smile:

Flying has always been easy for me, but the thing I have noticed is the amount of lucidity and control is very important. For example: At the start of my last LD, I flew through glass, but when I tried again towards the end of them dream, I kept on banging my head against it. :tongue: By that point, I could still fly, just not through the glass. It didnt occur to me to increase my lucidity, but I should have!
Ducks tips are very handy, not just for flying, but for all other dream actions that don’t always go your way. :happy:

Great tutorial! I’ve learnt heaps just from this, well done duck.