What to do in a lucid dream ?

I was always fascinated by dreams and I always wanted to control them, so I pursued to achieve my goal, and one day I succeded and became lucid, then a thougt hit me,
now what ? :eh: I was really disappointed, so from now I let my dreams unfold and act accordingly. So if any of you had such an expierience then please post and share it. And also share what did you do when you first became lucid.

I wouldn’t say this was an internal contradiction. All he said was that he WAS fascinated with lucid dreaming, but when he finally got one, he was disappointed… or unsure of what to do next, and in the process was disappointed.

Honestly, I don’t see anything troll-ish about it.

Anyhow, Gigabyte, perhaps you could start writing down what kind of goals you want to achieve (which according to your signature you’ve already done). Alternatively, you can become lucid, and just let the dream unfold. When something of interest pops up, act on it.

But… that’s what I would do. How about you?

Hi everyone, feels good to be back :smile:
Now onto the question, once your lucid almost anything is possible depending on your skill level!
Try to fly, have a conversation with a dream character, I think the best advice I could give would be to think of what you want to do beforehand. ALl you need to be is prepared. :happy:

You know what you can also do? Science! …in a world that only follows what it feels like…

I’m basically implying you to go to the Lucid Lab forum on this site. There’s some pretty wacky stuff there, and you get to contribute to something with a bunch of people.

I especially recommend going over to the “testing the ‘realness’ of Dream Characters” ( https://community.ld4all.com/t/testing-the-realness-of-dream-characters/29008 ) So check it out if you can.

The problem isn’t that there was something wrong with the dream. You simply didn’t have a plan! Faced with infinite possibilities, most dreamers freeze up, so you’ll want to have a specific task beforehand.

The traditional first lucid task is flight, whether by willpower, sprouting wings, turning into a flying creature, sporting a jet pack or flying vehicle, or anything else. That said, you can always simply explore, too, or do whatever you desire. Decide NOW.

My first lucid was simply exploring and reality checking, and my second one was willpower flight. Other things I’ve done include sprouting wings for flight, shrinking and growing, transforming into things, and simply exploring. I know I’ve mentioned flight a lot, but it’s a fun standby when all else fails, and it simply feels good to stretch your wings every once in a while.~

Just enjoy it. have it be random and do whatever happens.

Some of the topics here on LD4all can be very inspiring. These are some of the topics I like reading before sleep:

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And I agree with Thorn, planning is a good thing. Some members of this forum actually writes down what they plan to do in their next LD. It has proven very effective. What have you always wanted to do?

Before you initiate a lucid dream, set your goal very precisely. Don’t just say: “I want to lucid dream tonight”. Set your intention clearly.

Do whatever you want :smile:. Solve a problem that’s been bugging you. Play a sport? Have at it with your favorite player.

Next time your lucid just stabilize and keep calm for a moment. Then just go forth and have fun. Try and develop an activity during waking life that you can do while lucid. Remember you can do anything while lucid, so make it fun for you :smile: