The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part III

[mod]This topic is about the things you plan to do in your next LDs, this also helps to get more , if you know what you want to do in your lucid dreams , you are more likely to have them. Plus if you don’t have inspiration, you can get some ideas by browsing through other people’s goals

Part I & Part II [/mod]

Awesome everybody. This topic is on fire!

Here’s my list,

-Sing my heart out :cry:

-Find the people who have done me wrong and make them fall to their knees, apologize, beg for mercy, and kiss my feet with tears of remorse pouring from their eyes.
-Then I will forgive them and love them! :wiske:

-Go back in time 600 years to the north east of Australia, find an honest wise aboriginal person to telepathically teach me how to truly play the didgeridoo and teach me the art of going into Dreamtime. :wink:

-Find my past power animal, (a Bengal Tiger) and find out if it is still my power animal or if it can lead me to my current power animal.

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Here’s a video – Slow Motion Lightning should definitely make the list… :dark:

Hot damn, that is AWESOME! I’ll definitely have to try that in a future lucid dream.

I have actually played around with lightning before, but I still want to use it in combat some time, and what better way than to make it look as wonderfully inspiring as that? I watched a 60 minute documentary on lightning just three weeks ago and that alone was great.

Thanks for the suggestion! :happy:

First and foremost, I just want to talk to someone. Fully lucid I want to have a conversation with my subconscious.

Also, I would definitely NEVER want to torture someone in a dream.

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I have done one or two of these. so…
-Talk to God
-Talk to my subconscious
-Kamehameha(did it :smile: )
-Fly(did it too)
-Explore the universe
-Skateboard with zero gravity
-Find my SG and or DG
-Fight as a Spartan from 300
-Create a new planet and society on it

I’ll stop right there :wink:

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Here’s a list of things I want to do whenI become lucid:
-see breathtaking scenery
-Explore the dreamworld
-meet my SG
-Find companionship( as in looking for this ‘somebody’ in my dream and talk and spend time together;Call the same person back in every lucid dream to develop a close bond, like a real friend;finding real happiness, comfort, love(not the romantic kind),feelings with this person)
-Live in England( Have an english family,english parents, english sister, live in an english home, attend an english school,make english friends,eat english food, go to parties…well, you get what i mean)
-Experience hogwarts life with Harry, Ron and Hermione; play quidditch…
-Shout out questions in a lucid dream such as: Show me something I need to know, bring me to a place I’ve never been to, see an interesting person, and wait for a response.
-Talk to my SC and know more about myself
-Seek solutions to real life problems

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well here is the agenda for my next LD:

  1. make a magic wand that allows me to do anything i please (funny, but it works…)
  2. make it rain :smile:
  3. jump into a puddle (it will take my into another underwater world)
  4. summon my DG, Ask (i know it’s a weird name…), and have him show me around
  5. well, i’m sure i’ll think of something to do by then…

PS- if i think something will happen, it will, so don’t doubt me… :tongue:

For me, the list would be like this:

-Stand by and watch the world change
-Explore the depths of space
-Talk to my SC/DG
-Sink through the floor/ground
-Possess people
-Transform, either into a fox, or a dragon
-Summon unknown powers, and use them to mess with DCs
-Talk with DCs
-Step into my shadow
-Break a mirror, step into the shattered remnants
-Drive faster than light
-Explore a city, cave, or unknown area
-Create an interesting character, give them a place in my mind to stay
-Explode, then Implode
-Create a universe
-Mess with character’s faces and such
-Rick-Roll my SC

This is a short look at my list, I can’t post the whole thing.

-Walk through a mirror
-Taste colors
-Shapeshift again
-Become a god
-Learn the force from Yoda
-Get inspiration for my fiction
-Visit my world I made in my stories
-Go to the centre of the galaxy
-Travel in time
-Fly with dolphins, and swim with pigeons
-witness the formation of earth

  • Fly
  • Jump from the Empire State Building
  • Take part in Normandy landings
  • See Pink Floyd perform live
  • Stop time
  • Fly a figther jet, if precise, the F-22 Raptor
  • Meet a person I know IRL
  • Make Adolf Hitler ride on a unicorn
  • Prevent 9/11
  • Visit Atlantis
  • Divide by zero
  • Fly over Vietnam with my M16 in hands while listening to CCR’s Fortunate Son
  • Witness a nuclear disaster
  • Play a guitar in front of a huge audience
  • Meet general George S. Patton

ever since i read the recent quest to participate in an extreme sport, ive wanted to sky dive, start spinning, and then basically drill through the ground at a high speed. the extreme sport topic had many replies from people wanting to do some variant of skydiving, so it got me really interested.

also i want to lick a brick.

Let’s see…

I want to find myself in the middle of some sort of ampitheatre…

How about putting myself in history? I would have to read up for that.

Or how about something like putting myself in Assassins Creed… or one of the three musketeers?

Hrm… Meet some Disney villains is now on my list…

I really want to meet a smiley face.

Visit the Addict Hotel… and take the elevator up to my kingdom and receive my crown and royal robe. Maybe I’ll find a roaming :tongue: , the national animal of the kingdom.

Of course… I have to turn into Maurice and meet my daughter Belle. Maybe sing my duet with ever-changing scenery alike an actual Disney song.

And now my newest dream has left me wondering… I need to find out who killed that family! Stupid unsolved mysteries.

I never had an LD but here are the top things I wanna do :happy:

-Controlling the elements (especially WATER ! :razz:)
-Fly on a little cloud like in dragon ball z
-Create my dreamworld
-Play around with energy fields
-talk to my SB :smile:
-Learn to scratch like a pro DeeJay ( I ain’t gonna say DJ because of the confusion)

I pooped underwater in a NLD tonight :shy: You know how it’s first pain and then pleasure? In the dream it was only pleasure… :wink:

really? i think he’ll see it coming though

I have gotten an idea of revisiting dreams that I have had, but have not written down. By revisiting them, not only will I be able to explore the places and buildings and environments that I have been to in my dreams, I would be able to journal them, and fill in the gigantic holes in my dream journals.


Making music that I invent but that I’m not able to play in RL.
Creating new types of fireworks.
Making friends with DCs that I’ll see back regularly.
Turn into a werewolf
Asking the dream to make me live an adventure in a dark post apocalyptic world full of dangerous creatures.
Meeting a FURRY
Lot of stuffs like that :happy: Many furry-related goals.

  • fly like a bird
  • building my own club ;-p

gotta think about more tho

What I’ve done:
Fire fight

What I want to do:
God Mode
Create a civilization
Do the “Spore” affect on a galaxy
Freeze time
Super powers
Walk on water
Transform into an animal
Travel to another plane of existince (*spelling)

-kill a DC and resurrect him/her. Ask them what death is like and after death.
-fly at supersonic speeds
-explore the universe(planets, quasars, black holes, etc.)
-sleep and have a dream within a dream :wink:
-live above the clouds