The B I G Lucid to-do list topic

hope this hasnt been posted before .
if yes , sorry.
This topic is about the things you plan to do in your next LDs, this also helps to get more , if you know what you want to do in your lucid dreams , you are more likly to have them :razz:
For me :
More colerfull dreams
A constant recurring DC


havnt had one yet, but would like to make it into like a game world. and make a 3rd person game 1st person, or somthing like that.

:happy: i would want to ask a DC how to have LD easier and maybe have him/her remind me im dreaming next time i am.

but also i would want shape shift into different people,animals and creatures
flying is something everybody wants to do but how about racing? like see who can fly faster haha. ive only had one lucid dream so far and it was very short so next time i want to master teleporting and maybe telekinesis.

i also want to see what the sky looks like i always heard it looks cool. maybe hang out in outer space or visit the sd spot SKY ISLAND. :grin:

I plan to practise conjuring. So far, I haven’t conjured up big things. I want to become a good conjurer.

what do you plan on summoning?

i bet a whole city :razz:

Yeah, creating a city and then exploring it would be awesome. That’s pretty high on my list.

ohh what if you turned into a cheeta and chased down your enemies =]

Convincing a DC he isnt t´real :ebil:

What I planned on summoning? I’m not sure. I can already conjure up cola cola. Things I can hold in my hand have, as of yet, been almost effortless. I just want to improve, and be able to create big stuff too. So when I need it, it won’t be a problem.

I sort of imagined today, it’d be fun to change size, be real big or small.

Sounds good, krakatoa, and if you can do this, change size, then just make yourself really huge so that you could hold the big thing you wish to conjure in your hands… then conjour it, set it to the ground and then let yourself shrink again :wink:

my B I G Lucid to-do list:

  • master telekinesis (did move small things sometimes, but most times its not that good)
  • find some kind of representative person of my subconscious, or multiple persons, and talk with them, ask them questions
  • smoke a joint with George W. Bush, Bill Gates or someone like that :wink:
  • replay a dream I had in the past, either with changing the plot and without
  • lightsaber fight! (I had one, it was incredible! but my lucidity was not very high, I want one with better lucidity!)

That’s quite clever to grow and shrink. But I ran into a snag, Yesterday I think it was, I remembered in a LD to practise conjuring, but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t materialise anything. I did find an empty coke bottle and filled it. but that’s as far as I got. In my defence it was a very strange dream. I felt groggy and a little weak. My hair got in my face and eyes and I couldn’t remove it properly. There was something wrong.

any of u take the dream pill, i did once and it kinda ended my LD… :sad: :grrr:

My to do-list, in order of highest to lowest priority:

-Prolong my lucid dreams: this is my top priority, as it will help me to do the other things, and I’ve had several lucid dreams lately but none were very long
-Teleport: Something that I have never done, which I feel that at this point is one of the fundamentals of LDing, as is flying, which I have done
-Receive a great challenge/quest/mission/adventure: This is not neccesarily my top priority but probably the thing that I would most like to do in an LD

I’ll think of more later.

i’d love to have more and longer conversations with my SG’s
i wanna see the crossroads
i wanna go to my dreamscape(eh ben? XD)
and just explore the powers of my dream, like
try to see atoms and stuff(super vision XD)

If I enter the dreamworld in my room again, I’m going to jump straight through the ceiling, through the floor above and out through the roof.

Once i get to Sky Island I want to start a war, (Clones of Myself Versus Clones of One of my Friends) that would be the ultimate war zone :smile: I mean a war on a floating islandm just push em off!

I’ve had two, but they were short and had a low level of lucidity, so once i get a hold of Lding, this is what I would do:

  1. I will explore my LD world.

Talk to DCs
Fly around and explore.

2)I will have a giant monster fight.
one of the monsters would represent evil, and the other good.

  1. Gain superpowers

man i gotta make one of these so i dont f up my next LD’s by not doing anything.

yea , i was lucid tonight , but i didnt really do anything apart from annoying people :sad: