The B I G Lucid to-do list topic

  1. Fly around- try to break my record of height.
  2. Fly with NiGHTS in soft mueseum level (not Twin Seeds leik been there done that)
  3. Have sex
  4. Eat junk food
  5. Go to Magic Mountain and ride roller coasters
  6. Build my dream world, i guess?
  7. Live No More Heroes (that game looks sick!)
  8. Leap buildings
  9. Be spiderman
  10. Have some more sex?

why are alll here thinking about sex all the time ?

we’re men

im too, and im not ,

anyways how old are you anyways ? 15 ? 13 ?
UPDATE : transform

  1. eat a pineapple
  2. drink pineapple juice
  3. talk to my SG
  4. ask my SG if it’s normal to be so obsessed with pineapples
    -and find out what’s wrong with me :lol:
  5. take over the dream world :nuu: :ebil:
  6. fly :grin:
  7. meet the Dark SiDe :yes:

Pft give us girls a break :yawn:
Men… tsk tsk :no:

hehe, i bet you dont need one …
im NOT that way …

What if you shrunk to the size of an ant and went inside an ant hill?

Or if you had a wierd mind like me you could take over the world with an army of pidgeons. And have Manhattan Island be our home base. WORLD DOMINATION!

Lol yea…most men are pervs.

pha … go on topic please !!!

anyways Double or triple myself

Where is your imigination? I want to be Red. And then Hunger. After that, I would like to jump on a flying deutchman, and fly on a jumping deutchman. After that, I would sure like yo pick my stones and ride on my Dishwasher to the sunset… Well, to the sun, atleast (Might be a bit painful).

lol well sorry, just saying the truth.
But anyway

  1. Fly
  2. Throw things at people :mrgreen:
  3. Drive a car
  4. Increase my drawing skills (i love to draw)
  5. Increase my stupid algebra skills, i hate math its gay
  6. Meet DCs
  7. Be a ninja
  8. Spit fire out of my mouth
  9. Meet more people
  10. Try to get my friends and cousins in my dream or try to find them
  11. And teleport and explore places

wat he sed.

but no, sex is one of the main reasons to why i even began with lucid dreaming.

Nothing else seems to be appealing. :meh:

omg , why why whayyy ?? don’t you have some imagination ? :roll:

Byakugan , good ideas you have here …

  1. Fly
  2. Create things that actually work (made a gun once that ended up just making a muffled popping sound when I fired it)
  3. take part in some huge battle (always like those movies/games where there are thousands of soldiers at once and just watching the battle)
  4. try teleportation
  5. jump off a high place without waking up (once I dreamt I was diving off a dock a few feet into some water and that woke me up :grrr: )
  6. Summon a dream pet/SG type thing. Want something that can change into different things, with green colors (I’ve always associated green with dreaming, so it’s fitting) Maybe have it as a dragon most of the time for flying around. Had a dream (non-lucid) about dragons last night after I watched Eragon for the first time.
  7. Have a dream that convincingly lasts longer than I’ve been asleep. I’ve heard conflicting responses as to whether this is possible or not without just illusions of time passing faster, but I’m hoping it is.

jump of something ? how high do you mean ?? during my first WILD i once accidentally teleported on the eiffel tower eek … i KNEW i would not been hurt but still…:razz:

battles … mmh nice idea :wink:

ugh guys.

Why do us girls even go for them :razz:

  1. fly.
  2. jump off a huge building and fall to the ground where a trampoline is waiting.
  3. materialise objects.
  4. manipulate and change dream environment at will.
  5. summon my spirit guide/subconscious and ask them for advice on stuff.
  6. Listen to music by a ficticious band.

oh and loads of stuff.

actually maybe i should concentrate getting lucid first. :neutral:

  1. Walk on water to animals
  2. talk to subconscious the life of a tree
  3. go into my friends dream and mess with them
    7.interview a DC

Gonna post some ideas I have done and or might do in the future :wink:

  1. Fly on a Large Dragon
  2. Jump into a puddle and explore a huge underwater world.
  3. Sex seems to be a common theme of something I seek in a LD.
  4. Fly without a symbolic aid
  5. Have an intense swordfight
  6. Put myself in a fantasy novel and do anything that is possible within it.
  7. Visit an alien world far off in the universe
  8. Listen to music that doesn’t exist
  9. Go back in time and visit the dinosaurs.
  10. Watch everything in slow motion, or go through a dream sequence and watching it in rewind.
  11. Play any instrument known or unknown.
  12. Find the old man who lived in a shoe.
  13. Cimb Jack’s Beanstalk and visit the giant’s caslte. :lol:
  14. Go to sleep within your dream, and dream another dream inside your dream (don’t know if this would actually work.)
  15. Did I mention sex? :tongue:
  16. Visit any major period in history
  17. Go into Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and go lick yourself some tasty wallpaper. :grin:

Dreaming in a dream works according o all reports i have seen in this forum…

Why girls bother with guys … i don’t know , there seems something attracting them :razz:

Visit a library , look at the books of my memorys …