The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II

This topic is about the things you plan to do in your next LDs, this also helps to get more , if you know what you want to do in your lucid dreams , you are more likly to have them
The original part is HERE

Create a new world, and each night return to it and add on to it, kind of like playing God but also interacting with the people/things inside it… I suppose it would become pretty epic after awhile

Not been posted in awhile… meh anyway :content:

  1. Go to my dreamscape ive created.
  2. Have an extremely vivid and realistic LD
  3. Something cool to do with DCs.
  4. Make my own civilasation and be their god :cool:

I plan to meet my SC (I met him/her once) and tell him/her (I still don’t know the gender, but he/she’s a cat) to appear in my next ND and tell me, that I’m dreaming.

First of all, I’m aiming on actually having a LD, but after that, I’ll start working on this list:

-Fly over my hometown
-Meet my dream guide
-Visit my past lives
-Meet my dead grandparents again
-Have superpowers, like superstrength, shoot fire out of my eyes, turning invisible.
-Visit and participating in my favorite tv-series and movies, like Heroes, Stargate, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and such.
-Have sex with every girl on my “girls to have sex with”-list(That’s really a neverending list).
-Clone myself, transform myself into a girl and then have sex with the clone to see if I’m any good in bed.
-Try out my orgasmo gun 2000, shoot anyone and they’ll have an orgasm!
-Talk with DCs
-Explore places
-Practise at holding speeches and talking in front of a crowd.
-Wreaking havoc on the world, destroying and killing everyone with my superpowers.

Ok this list could go on forever, so I’ll end it there :razz:

When I have an LD/LD’s that’s/that (are) long enough I would want to do things like:

Meet my subconscious
Summon, kill and/or torture some people, mostly artists like… I think It’s better when I don’t mention any names but amongst some others would be a lot of rappers, I find rap to be pointless.
Duel with the headless horseman, using some unusual abilities of course, I’m probably pretty useless with a sword.
Speak with stones.
Go to a firing range where there are all possible weapons and try shooting them.
Speak to different DC’s, not only humans either.
Explore random dreamworlds.
Would go in a world where a scene from some movies are taking place and make the characters make the right choices instead of obviously idiotic ones.
Meet some dead people, maybe Hitler or Jesus(Him I’d ask if Christianity is a lie or not.)
Try to find planets that support life in my minds version of our galaxy.

And a bunch of other things that, for one reason or another, I can’t or won’t mention here.

sky’s infinite, so why not?

why do i see alot of people who want to kill or torture DC it cant be healthy for your waking life

I haven`t had a real LD yet, but my list would be something like this:
…Be able to breathe under water(once i had a dream where i knew how to(it was great!))
…Fly(as recommended)
…Fight in WW2
…Magic/Jedi stuff
…Play a big show with my band
…Walk on the moon
…Walk on the clouds
…Live like a bird
…Play ice-hockey
…Skateboard really good(or just good)
…(optional) Find out why the hell i keep having dreams about a-bombs falling(i HATE those dreams)

just for the beginning

my to-do list, from highest priority to lowest:

*Use super powers
*create a dream city
*have an awesome battle, either with mechs, or with magic/swords
*Fly a fighter plane in World War II
*Fly a fighter jet, just for fun
*talk to myself
*Force myself to wake up
*Die in a very creative way

the list goes on… lol

One simple one I’d like to do is be in a crowded city and just change the whole scene to night, with a perfectly clear sky and see people’s reactions.

The things I’d love to do are…

  • flying
  • having a lightsaber battle
  • meeting my favourite movie characters/actors
  • talking to my dead grandpa
  • piloting a helicopter
  • transforming into an animal (a wolf, cat or dolphin)

My Ultimate to-do list at the moment is this:

-Cook an omelet the size of NYC.-
-Fly to the moon and have it made out of Cheese-
-Talk to god-
-Get all my ex-girlfriends together put them in an ultimate battle to the death-
-Go to an alien planet-
-Dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and fight the Kraken King-
-Ride a chocobo from Final Fantasy-

Yes, my list is very original!! :tongue:

My to-do list sort of looks like this:

  • finish an LD4all quest
  • create a city (for some reason… underwater)
  • Get to Sky Island and actually SD
  • have an SD with my friends
  • random Eat a banana
  • master flying
  • master conjuring.

And so many more things, it ain’t funny! I’ve got half an hour before I wrap up my WBTB…

I really wanna meet my SP i got a few questions to ask !
But other things on my list are:
-Looking into a mirror.
-Enterng a video game.
-Find out what happens in 2012.
-Have a philisohical debat with a DC.
-Fly into space!!
-speak to DC’s.
-Write some songs.
-Meet my DG.

Once i can LD at will and make them last for ages – this is top of my list :grin:

1 Create an army to stay living in my dreams based off an ancient greek army with ancient greek gods warriors to defend my dreams and reawaken lucidity
2 Go through my normal life but as a player Hehehehe
3 Live through books I have read as the main male role
4 Live through video games as the main player
5 Go to Hollywood and have fun
6 Practice music, and learn new songs
7 Hold a dream concert for all my dream characters
8 meet my spirit guide
9 Visit with ancestors
10 Live through movies as the amin male character

and that is my top ten things I want to do in my dream world :smile:

I think it’d have to be, in no particular order:

  1. Remember and copy down what the dream sky looks like. I saw one that was pink and blue and it was beautiful. I’d love to be able to get lost in that sight IRL :yes:

  2. Listen to music. What I’ve heard so far makes me feel ecstatic.

  3. Create/ scaffold works of art for me to replicate IRL.

  4. Have a party with DCs, and everyone knows each other.

  5. Have a conversation with a DC (a coherent one, but nothing to academic/philosophical. Just a natural, flowing conversation :content: )

  6. Do some sort of training of some sort in an attempt to make me a better person in some way.

  7. Maybe I could try to meet you? (Yes! You!)

  8. Spur-of-the-moment stuff. Like…diving into the floor. That would be fun :smile:

Things I’ve done:
conjure stuff (egg XD)

Things I plan on doing (less general)

Go to the local grocery store and mess it up completely (got the idea today… the place makes me hyper :tongue: )

Meet my DG

Mess up DC’s (Well… I did to one…)

Invent something

Improve my mad skillz

Febreze random people and see what happens

Make invisible paint and literally, “paint the town

Anything else on the top of my head

i havent had a LD but i would want to:

ask your SG where you will go when you die
flirt with every girl even a fat ugly chick see what they would do
go to a island and get guns and have a war with DC
oh and whip out your dick and show all the DC

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