The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part III

-Create a DC and teach him how to come in my ND in order to LD me
-Enjoy Zero G
-Create a nebula
-Take a coffee with Doc house
-Go on mission with Sg1
-Take a break on a cool dream landscape
-And much more

Well, I’d better have some LDs before I can even do anything, but my goals are:
–Flying, of course
–Living underwater (as a mermaid, maybe? Kinda lame but still…)
–Be in my favorite book series, first of all being Lord of the Rings!
–Talk to animals (I want to know what they have to say!)
–Visit the future ~I do this frequently in ND anyway
Pretty cliche but hey, I’m excited to get started! :razz:

Although I haven’t had my first LD… here are my “dream activites”

-Go into Call of Duty, and play on my favorite maps and be able to create my class and use the killstreaks. And when I’m shot it won’t hurt, just a vibration and a red screen like in the game, and I’ll respawn.

-Fly into the sun

-Play the Drums

-Take an object, (a rock for example) and turn it into something completely different, like a building or a giraffe.

-Get a nice arsenal of weapons, and fight some zombies in New York / Los Angeles

-Set DC’s on Fire / Freeze them and then smash them with a hammer.

-Remove Gravity from the Earth

-Last but not least… have sex with a gorgeous girl

Here’s the list of things that i want to try.

-Turn into an animal
-Meet Sonic
-learn different kinesis powers
-learn to look for more ways to tell that i am asleep
-Create a new kind of weapon
-Fly a hoverboard DONE

At the moment I’m just starting a film production degree and I’m really interested in cinematography. It would be fun to see how light works in dreams, and if I can practice lighting techniques for film while in a LD.

Just need to have another LD now… :yes:

i need only to become lucid and stay in the dreamscape 4EVER.

P.S-Never Wake UP!

I don’t have a full list yet and I’ve only had a couple LD’s, but something I’ve been curious about is if you can really have a dream within a dream. That way I can stay in a LD for longer (if LD’s follow Inception rules)

The other day I had this experience, which I wrote in my DJ:

“I have just remembered that during the time when I was trying to sleep this morning, when I was very close to drifting off I heard a voice which said “Have you met Gerrald yet?”, it woke me up. I think this may be something to do with a dream charater, maybe even my spirit guide (I dont really belive in spirits, but I think that the thing people call spirit guides may be part of your subconcious).”

I have decided that I should forget any other lucid-to-do ideas I have and focus on finding out who Gerrald is.

That’s if I have another LD any time soon…

I wonder if it is ever possible to meet other lucid dreamers in a common dream place.
Has anyone ever tried/managed to ?

That’s an awesome idea. :tongue:

When I will control my LD I will:
To do list:
1.Talk with Will.I.Am
2.Throw my teacher in the front of a train
3. Fly
5.Ask to someone an idea of song
6.Take shower
7.Swim and Breath
8.Conquer my fears of heights
9. Watch a Black Eyed Peas show’s
10.See my last bird.

moved into existing topic :moogle:

tell me what ur gonna do when you reach that moment when you can do anything!! :smile: heres some of mine:
1.visit plastic beach :welcome:
2. talk to stuart pot :hugs:
3. scroll through tv then jump-through to talk to the charecters :mirror: with bat wings :fly:
5. control the elements :dark:
6.god-powers!! gravity vortex!!! :universe:
7.create awsome alien creatures that are my pets (they’ll protect me in waking life) this awsome dance on saturn (i know it sounds creepy but wouldn’t you just love to moonwalk on its rings?!!! :bounce:
9. create a town i’ll visit everytime i LD (my own town!!) :hurray:
10. visit my freinds :grouphug:
tell me urs! i promise i’ll reply!!! :grin:

well from what i heard theres a place called the lucid crossroads where everyone could meet and chat. hope it helps!!!

when i have my first LD i want to try:
*do like aang and also ride appa
*ask for the best new invention and invent it:)

  1. Getting good lucidity… thought that might help for the rest of the list :meh:
  2. Flying… did it before but like 10 seconds and blurry…
  3. Visit amazing (real) dream places, wonder what the Grand Canyon looks like in dreamscape…
  4. Look for my SG and seek advise, wonder if it is anything like I imagine it to be
  5. Do magic! Firebreathing, bending the elements and make things go BOOM!
  6. Transform into… guess what :hmmm: nudge nudge look to the left… I could combine this with 2 & 3 btw…

Waiting for the wbtb technique. I’ve only had one LD so in my next one i would like to:
2.Freeze Time
3.Meet a girl i know in real life in my dream and take her on a date
4.Skydive from space

Nice ones :content:… except:

These things really tend to work better IRL :wink:

ah…at least with that girl,it’s not gonna happen in real life. Thanks for the advice though!(i’m a noob at this) :content:

You have good ones ! I like your fourth one alexfred ! ^^

When I have my 8th lucid dream, I wanna reach Laputa ! (the floating island in the Miyazaki’s movie “Castle in the sky” )

when i get my first lucid dream i would just dont give a peep i want to randomly cause destruction and noone would stop me!(ilovegtasanandreaswithmodsandcheats:))