Lucid goals

Hello everybody,

I know there is a bit in the profile for this but not that many people fill it in, and i’m sure a lot of people have more than one aim while in an LD.

So I was wondering, what is it that you are aiming to do while lucid?

  1. Fly some more 2. Perform CALD 3. Cause massive destruction to a planet by putting another planet that is larger inside of it which will make both of them basically explode. 4. Go on an awesome adventure, basically create a story 5. Leant more about previous dreams 6. Visit my old subconscious(’) 7. Try to have a shared dream 8. Do park our 9. Fight like a ninja, like I did in a previous dream 10. Eat somthing 11. Make a song 12. Ask my sub conscious for advice. 13. Go back in time 14. Potato 15. Ride a flying bed!

There’s a BIG Lucid to-do list here. :smile:

Wow, it’s huge, thanks :smile: