Lack of motivation for three weeks

For some reason I lost interest in lucid dreaming on December the 5:th, and I think I’m starting to slowly get my interest back, but it’s a bit annoying to not feel much passion lately.
Have you ever felt like this?
What am I doing wrong?
I can’t find any explanation on why I lost interest like this, I was even on a roll and had 2-3 lucids every week when I randomly decided to stop improving my skills.

Sounds familiar. PM me when you find the solution. My interest seems to come and go like waves. :tongue:

I’ve been like that for almost 6 months now :cry: I hate it. But I can’t get back into it… my life is a mess, so that helps :razz: Getting as little stress possible really helps me… it’s hard to focus on LD’ing when there are lots of things bothering you, always on your mind when you go to bed… But LD’ing is so increadible I’m sure I’ll get back into it, even if it takes years (hope it doesn’t!)

I have felt this way so much of the time.

I can be super enthusiastic for a few months then go a few weeks with not even wanting to try and even not remembering my dreams.

It happens because there are cycles in everything. Like climbing a mountain, you can have all the energy to get to the top, then when you get to the top you must come down… or even if you don’t get to the top, you have to at least rest a while before continuing.

It could be the season depending on where in the world you are, like for me the fall season seems mystical for me yet it seems so hard to focus on lucid dreaming as it is only getting more darker outside, it feels like it is getting darker inside too. But the winter solstice has just passed and Christmas day is the day that the Light starts to increase, and internally I feel the same that the light is increasing, so here I am getting back into lucid dreaming, and I have returned to ld4all for support after a few months of being away…

Don’t worry, we all go through it. You made the first step of breaking out of it by reaching out to us.

Reaching back at you,

Interesting, because I have lack of motivation during these weeks and most of my LDs were in Autumn/Fall and Winter… And very few in summer! :confused: So strange - I really don’t know what causes this :happy:

Couldn’t agree more with mattias, stress is the killer of LD’ing. :sad: I finally had a LD again after 47 days of disinterest and neglecting my DJ as I never did before. I didn’t even want to have a LD, I wasn’t trying at all during this time. What brought me back into LD’ing was seeing how many people were having more and more LD’s while I was kind of stuck, well knowing that I could do this too and immerse into this wonderful world of dreams again. I would be a fool if I didn’t get back into LD’ing eventually. Hope this never happens. :content:

It’s human nature to lose interest in something after a while (no matter what it is), and regain interest later. I don’t know of a concrete explanation; it just seems to be how it is.
Reading lots of DJ’s always helps me get my motivation back :smile:. I also try to write in my DJ even when I have little or no LD motivation.

I agree with those who say stress has a huge effect on LD’s; in my experience it definitely does. Many people are stressed out during this time of year, so that could be a factor as well.

I’ve had that problem for years. I’ll go strong for about two weeks then lose any momentum I had going for a few months. It doesn’t pay off, because I’ve had no real lucid dreams despite trying on and off for three years now. I figure the trick is to just focus on all of the really fun stuff that you’ll be able to do once you can lucid dream. Whether that be flying, sex, adventure, etc… You just have to force yourself through the rough patch, and in the end I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Watching pasQual’s LD4all video is sure to inspire you!!!

Lucid Inspiration (a few of my lucid dreaming experiences)


Thanks for posting that; I hadn’t seen it :happy:.
Definitely awesome for inspiration.

My problem was and is the fact that I just can’t bring myself to write in my DJ. I had decent recall for some time just by trying to remember my dreams in the morning (even though I wouldn’t write them down), but that soon faded. I guess I’m just lazy, but even for a 10 second fragment of a dream I can write down at least 2 5-line paragraphs. I don’t have that same level of vividness anymore (since I stopped writing them down), but it was so time consuming… I really should get back into it though, since this morning I didn’t remember any dreams at all.

My goal is to write down at least one dream, whether in complete and exhaustive detail or just point form, for every day in the coming two weeks. I figure that if I do that, I’ll probably have a lucid dream anyway, making motivation a whole lot easier.

I really lost focus the last couple of days, until today when I was going to write down my dream and I noticed my entire journal had dissapeared. But then I found it. And now I´m back on track. I hope.

I definitely recommend just writing down dream details as bullet points if you’re short on time (or just lazy :tongue:). It takes less willpower than writing down the full details of a dream, so it’s a good technique for times when you lack motivation. I usually don’t have a lot of time in the morning so I just take a few minutes to write down key details. For really interesting dreams I use those notes to jog my memory later and write down more details.

Well, like previously suggested, read some interesting DJ’s. Make a list of all the things you want to do in your dreams, or get ideas from The BIG Lucid to-do list topic. That’s always great for some inspiration.

Yeah, I’m gonna have to do that, I’ve had serious motivation problems lately despite actually having one of my most successful lucid dreams just a few weeks ago (and that didn’t even boost my motivation that much).
Like mattias and Leijona said, it’s probably because of stress, since I’m studying school subjects that I need to have finished before June for a university that I wanna be admitted to, and, well… haha, this may be stupid, but it feels like I will lose all my concentration on studying if I pay too much attention to LD’ing; I know that I should be able to make Lucid Living and Reality Checks etc a kind of lifestyle that shouldn’t interfere too much (if at all) with my studies, but it feels like, I don’t know…
I guess it feels like I sacrifice some concentration on LD’ing and thus makes it harder to focus when I actually sit down and study later or something, like I will only be distracted by awareness etc while I’m studying - so I don’t want to do any LD’ing at all for that reason. :tongue:

Not sure if that makes sense, but maybe you understand what I mean. :peek:

Sounds to me like you have something occurring in your waking life right now that you find more important that your continuation of mastering lucidity. I was on my role of mastering lucid dreams. It was all I talked about read about and thought about for like a month. Thought I’m yet to have one, my motivation was still ongoing because I could see the success I was starting to have in vividness and recall.

However then my ex texted me and told me she was married with a kid now at the age of 20 and she misses me more than anything and wishes things never changed. So as you can see my attention is fully driven elsewhere now.

It’s just a way of life. No one has the Time on their hands to devote themselves to something for extended periods of time. Not to mention, there are indeed more important things out there than ld’ing. Not that ld’ing is wrong or you shouldn’t invest time in it… By all means do so it probably leads to a better understanding of ones true self. But don’t be surprised if u just don’t have time, patience, or motivation in it. We are only human. It comes and goes

Thank you.
Yeah, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with my studies, because I’ve finished several courses now and at about the same time I started to regain my interest in this again.