Your Longest Flying Experience?

This thread kind of goes along with the threads entitled “Different Styles of Flying” and “Your First WILD Experience”.
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Basically, describe your longest flying experience that you had, if you had any yet.
I just had an epiphany of posting this thread while journaling my longest flying experience.

Here is the dream, in a nutshell:
House —> Became lucid (Rubbing hands method) —> First round of flying —> Daytime —> Don’t remember where —> Back to house —> Noticed argument going on —> Second round of flying —> Daytime —> Clouds —> Back at house —> Black dog arrives, barking —> Argument still going on in house —> Female DC sitting on the porch —> Started a conversation with her —> Ended the conversation and took off —> Stabilizing (starting to fade away) —> Third round of flying —> Morning/night time —> Flying low —> Snowing, but the snow didn’t feel cold —> Flying just above the buildings —> Arrived back at the house —> Morning —> Woke up

Before I start, I’d just like to say that I’ve accomplished yet ANOTHER lucid goal: To fly and not wake up from it! The thing is that I don’t remember it as vivid as it actually was, though. I picked the music to go along with the dream because it depicts anger, as the dream does, and flying (SO, FLY for the last time when the fire burns within…). The castle in the picture represents feelings of freedom and pride. I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this nice lucid dream.

I don’t remember the first part of the dream very vividly, because I wasn’t lucid at that part. Anyways, I was in a DC’s house, way different from the house I usually live in. It was probably a reoccurring house though. It was daytime. I don’t remember the part before I became lucid, but I did a reality check. It became obvious that I was dreaming. The house’s layout was very complex, very hard to describe. The first floor (the only floor I visited in the dream) had a center that was shaped like an octagon, with two more octagonal rooms on the corners (one on the top right, and one on the bottom left). There was a wooden porch outside, and a wooden fence and lots of trees. A very nice, natural sight in the neighbourhood. In the day, you can vividly hear the trees swaying and in the night, there was lots of stars. Very beautiful indeed.

After I became lucid, I stabilized the dream a little bit to prevent myself from waking up prematurely. I went flying, but I forgot where I flew. It was daytime, and I could feel the morning breeze through my hair as I was flying. I believe I was flying just above somewhere near the neighbourhood where my dream characters’ house was. I took about ten minutes, dream-time, flying.

When I arrived back at the house, I noticed that there was an argument going on between two dream characters. I ignored the argument because I did not want to trash this precious new lucid dream. I went back out onto the front porch and because it was still daytime, I decided to take yet another round of flying! I was in a very adventurous mood in this dream.

When I started flying again, this time I went straight up into the moist, white clouds. This time, the experience lasted for about twenty minutes, dream-time. It was extremely vivid, and because I have flown so many times in my lucid dreams, it came very naturally. I was just having an awesome time.

When I arrived back at the house, it was evening time and it was starting to get dark out. There was still an argument going on, but again I ignored the argument, for fear of losing the lucid dream. I went back out on to the porch, to get ready to start flying. But this time, a black dog came up and confronted me. He was barking continuously, but I didn’t feel threatened, seeing as this was only a dream and no harm can come to you in a lucid dream. I walked right past the dog and found a female dream character, most likely the mom, sitting on the porch and smoking a cigarette.

I decided to start a conversation with her, starting with “So, I see it looks like the family’s in trouble.” She replied, but I don’t remember what she said. After the conversation, I decided to have my third round of flying.

It was night time, and I felt the dream starting to fade away, fast. So I grabbed the chance to stabilize the dream, and quickly started rubbing my hands. I was pumping the life and colours right back into the dream. Off to the horizon, I saw a few stars and planets appear.

I then took off. I felt a sudden brush of cold air against my face. My goal was to fly on to a planet, but to my surprise, that “planet” that I tried flying to was actually a balloon (which was supposed to watch over us). It started snowing. I started flying very low. The snow didn’t actually feel cold. At this point it was starting to get hazy. So I went back to the house and at this point it was morning. I woke up.

Wow! NINE PARAGRAPHS! It was fun, long, and awesome!

Heres mine:

Sleep—> Wake Up ----> RC -----> WOOT! Dream ------> Fly Attempt! -----> EPIC FAIL!