the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 74

Hello signas, welcome to the forum. :grin:
I see you found our ‘more emoticons’ :cthulhuy: I’m sure you will do better this time around since you are posting about your ‘journey’ to LDing.

Thanks moogle! :colgate: yes, the cthulhu one is great! :cthulhuy: :gni: , and yes, i am doing definitely better this time since last night i had an amazing LD! i am so happy! just posted about it!

Hello I’m new here. I’ve had one lucid dream almost three months ago because I read a lot about it. Since then I’ve been writing down all my dreams, always a minimum of two dreams a night, doing RC’s but no succes yet. I’ll keep trying. :smile: How long did it take you to control it?

Hi Jim, welcome! Control the lucid dream, like fly for example? I did that in my first lucid dream as a kid. After I started actively trying to lucid dream, I had some level of control in my fifth lucid dream, where I made the dream disappear and created a concrete wall in a black void. I wanted a wall I could touch to stabilize. A new dream world appeared around that wall.

Or do you meant how long did it take to lucid dream at will? Been five years, still can’t do it at will.

Thanks Letaali for your awnser! Yes, I meant things like flying. That seems really cool :wink:

Welcome to ld4all, JimMorrison

Have you read Different styles of flying?
Anything can be done in a ld, it’s just a matter of believing you can do it and discovering which way is best for you. eg, I’ve only ever flown on my back as if swimming.

@Moogle thanks, I enjoyed reading it.

Tonight I finally had my second lucid dream after 3 months :woo:
I rubbed my hands against each other to stabilize and it felt like there was electricity running through my hands. Also tried to summon a DC but that didn’t work

Hi, I am new. I came here to play WG/VG. Yay

Welcome to the world of paranoia and fun (and also ld4all :grin: )

Hi everyone! I am not new to the site, and this is not the first account I made, I have 5 other accounts that are inactive, but oh my gosh am I so happy that I finally got onto this site! :content: I really want to use this as a way to have fun, since that’s what I want from dreaming, at least for now :peek:

Welcome (back) Sleepy Kitty. :wave:

Did you post a lot previously? Would I remember you? :eh:

/me is curious :peek:

I have never posted before, and if anyone knows me good for you, and I’m calling the police. :ebil:


Well feel free to post in topics and start your own. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I just found out about this website while I was researching the topic of lucid dreaming for a science fiction book I am writing.

Welcome to ld4all sarahacker :user:
I hope you experience a lucid dream due to reading about them - it happens quite often. :content:

Well I have been lucid dreaming before I even knew they had a name! I don’t really do anything to become lucid like reality checks etc., but still I have them at least two times a week. Isn’t it strange?

Nope. Some people naturally have the right mindset and required self-awareness to become lucid. Two times a week is quite frequent though, congrats!

I’ve kept a DJ on and off over the years, but never consistently. I’ve always wanted to LD consistently (I’ve had a few LD’s in my life) but I only keep my DJ for long enough remember 1-2 dreams a night before losing track of it (then slowly recalling less and less dreams). So I found this site to help me log my dreams and research LD teks.

Hello LucidWilliam, welcome to ld4all.

The Normal Dream Challenge is a great way to increase recall and motivate dream logging.
Normal Dream Challenge 12 - Signups open!

What techs do you use now? I really recommend WBTB with the method of your choice. :content:

Hi everyone, I’m new here.
I haven’t been lucid before, but have started a dream diary about a week ago.
I sort of did a reality check in a dream this morning (first time, that I can recall at least), but it (the reality check) woke me up. I read about pinching your nose shut & trying to breathe through it, but instead I plug my throat with my tongue and try to breathe through my nose. When I did it in the dream I couldn’t breath, and was confused as I woke up with my tongue pressed against the back of my throat preventing me from breathing through my nose.

I was trying to go for a less conspicuous check I could do regularly… I can’t go around my office pinching my nose.
Shouldn’t I be unable to actually move my tongue like that when I’m asleep? Though it is a very easy motion to make–with my mouth closed I just move it sort of close to my throat (very short distance) and it will get sucked back by air pressure if I’m breathing in through my nose at the time. (Should I make a different thread asking about that?)