Flying for Beginners

Flying for Beginners

                     :cloud9:  Think of it. In a world where you can do anything(Dream-World) what do you do? The answer I hear a most commonly is… Flying! Why do humans have the desire to lift-off and join the clouds? Do we want it because we can’t do it in real life? Is it a way to escape troubles? Do we want the thrill and amazement. Either way, flying is one of the most rewarding Lucid experiences. It’s just plain fun. 
                                 If you’re new to the Lucid world, flying may be hard for you.But flying involves little to no skill. But if you're still having trouble, don’t fret my fellow dreamers! I’m here to help you. Read on and you’ll find out how to soar above everyone and everything with ease. 

(note: There is a section under each method that says SURVEY SAYS. This is what other dreamers have said about the method and are not true facts.)

  1. The first step is to become Lucid. Don’t know how ? Why are you here :shrug: ? Turn back and read in the Knowledge Base.

1.5(optional) Now once you are lucid, you must be as lucid as possible. Understand fully that you’re dreaming and that your real body is peacefully sleeping in your bed. Explore your senses. Look around slowly at your surroundings, thinking, “I’m dreaming. Wow. I’m dreaming. Awesome! :happy: ” . You can also increase your lucidity by commanding your dream to do so. Say, “Increase Lucidity! Increase Clearness! Increase senses!” or “Lucidity times 1000!”

2.Now, time to fly :bounce: ! Pick a method of flight that best suits you. Strap on your flight gear because we’re ready to go!

Superman Style: There’s been a robbery at the national bank. What do you do? Jump into the air and put your arms out in front of you! This is Superman Style! Feel the power and go stop those crooks! Or just mind your own business and explore the skies.

[center]SURVEY SAYS:[/center]
Advantages: Most common method, great for flying at high speeds

Disadvantages: Some people have trouble turning, changing height, and stopping

Air Swimming: Use your arms to push the air around you so you can move. It’s just like swimming in water, except without the water.

[center]SURVEY SAYS:[/center]

[center]Advantages: Many different ways to do it(Doggy paddle, front crawl, back crawl, ect…), easy to get off the ground
Disadvantages: Not very fast[/center]

Gliding: It’s not really flying, but oh well. Get to an elevated place and jump! Then use your arms to glide your way down.

[center]SURVEY SAYS:[/center]

Disadvantages: Not really flying and it’s not very fast

Wings: :fly: Summon wings to appear or grow on your back. Start flapping!

[center]SURVEY SAYS:[/center]

Disadvantages: It’s a tad bit harder to materialize wings. Kind of strange…just kidding

Morph :bat: : Transform into a flying animal and take to the skies. Examples: birds, bats, dragons, eagles,ect…

Assisted Flight: Use tools or machines to help you fly. Such as, jetpacks, rocket boots, airplanes, ect…Or ask a dream character. Dream characters know more than you think they do. Sometimes…

[center]SURVEY SAYS:[/center]

[center]Advantages: Flight time
Disadvantages: Possible malfunctions[/center]

Jump: Again, not really flying, but it gets you in the air. Crouch down, power up, and blast off using your legs. Try to jump as high as possible.

[center]SURVEY SAYS:[/center]

[center]Advantages:Great for getting in the air.
Disadvantages: Not really flying, Flight time[/center]
[center]Fun Fact:[/center]

[center]Superman originally did not fly. He “leaped over tall buildings in a single bound”[/center] :smile: .

Mind fly: Just use your mind to get you off the ground and fly. Willpower! Focus real hard and fly away. Close your eyes and Imagine yourself in the air.

[center]SURVEY SAYS:[/center]

[center]Advantages: Great for those with confidence
Disadvantages: Not for those who have visualization/confidence problems[/center]

Invisistairs:Imagine there are invisible stairs and walk your way up to the sky

[center]SURVEY SAYS: [/center]

[center]Advantages: Gets you in the air, can always convert to invisi-escalator :content:
Disadvantages: Not flying, slow[/center]
Falling that way: Try to change gravity so you will fall up, down, side-to-side.

[center]SURVEY SAYS[/center]

[center]Advantages: Can reach very high speeds
Disadvantages: Sometimes difficult to apprehend. Is there gravity in dreams??[/center]

Airbending:Change the way the air flows around you. Let the wind sweep you away!(is there a popular cartoon about this?)

[center] :dingy: Golden Rule: Believe and Expect it to happen[/center]

Your Lucid and you can do anything you please if you just believe and expect it to happen :ok: .

Now that you’re flying, what will you do? Well you can:

  1. Slap on your favorite super suit and fight villains
  2. Take in the beautiful scenery
  3. Impress your friends(dream friends of course)
    4.Experiment with your flying abilities.
  4. Go to a different planet
  5. The list goes on…

[center]Troubleshoot: Flying High![/center]
Many people seem to complain that they can’t fly high enough. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Think, “Higher, Higher, Higher!”
  2. Remember the Golden Rule.
  3. Gain more speed and boost your way up
  4. Confidence
  5. Try pretending that you are being pulled up in the air by an invisible chord or force.
  6. It’s your dream! You’re in control! :yes:
    7.The only thing that creates obstacles to flying in a lucid dream is your own mind.

[center]Troubleshoot: Speed![/center]

People love the rush of zipping through the air at impossible speeds. If you’re having trouble, have no fear!

  1. Have no fear. You’re dreaming
  2. Golden Rule
  3. Fly up really high and use gravity to your advantage. Wait, there is no gravity
    4.Strap boosters to your feet.
  4. Confidence
  5. Just do it! Your dreaming.
  6. Once again, the only thing that creates obstacles to flying in a lucid dream is your own mind.


1.Basically, for any flying related problems, just use the golden rule. It’ll happen if you believe in it.
2. Don’t think too hard about it. You’re dreaming.
3. When you first lift off, look at the sky instead of the ground. Just look when ever you want to change directions
4.Practice, Practice, Practice and you’ll get it :good: .
5. If you’re having trouble, try switching methods or using combinations of different methods.


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There you have it! This is all you need to take to the sky yourself. I hope you found what you were looking for and I hope you have tons of success. I hope to see you in the sky sometime soon! Thanks for reading!