Weird thing doing my best to lucid dream for the first time

So I was using the wake back to sleep method and I was using reality checks and I had got into a dream that was kind of story length I got off the bus in the dream and I was on top of this construction unit house thing and I went inside and their was a bag laying on the floor I picked the bag up and their we’re written sentences labed on the back of it and when I went to read it none of it made sense at all so when I was looking at it and the numbers and letters where changing right in front of my eyes I knew stright away that I was in the dream I instantly threw the paper down and my first instinct was to look around or fly or something but it was just like time started moving really slow and when I went to fly off I just started slower falling back words like it was like everytime I did my best to move or fly off I just started even slower turning and falling backwards almost like I didn’t know how to “control the dreAm” it was kind of like when call of duty zombies would freeze and it would go slow but I was like flipping up side down slowly while falling backwards at a very slow rate as I did my best to move around and falling backwards once I got class to the ground it was like I started falling fast but it was hard to tell it was going fast because everything became when and then I opened my eyes in real life or I had woke up in a dream version of my room because I remember that happening in my dream. It’s almost like I feel backwards in the dream into the position I was laying down it. What did I do wrong how can I fly when in another senario like that ?!?!?!

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You may just need to try a different method. Have a look at Different styles of flying
and a quicker read
Flying for Beginners

Hi CnochEalamusa

You asked, “What did I do wrong how can I fly when in another scenario like that ?!?!?!” In my estimation you are doing a lot of things RIGHT". LOL.

The dream you describe contains many elements which recur in almost all people’s dreams and which you will see/experience again and again, over time. I believe there is not so much a right and wrong way of doing things but rather finding what works for you. The more you read other peoples comments and experiences, and the more you research, the clearer the way will become, and you find answers to your questions – with a positive and optimistic attitude. But it sounds to me like you are already well on your way given that you have only had 2 LDs. Keep up the good work.

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