How to get over that mental block?

I really want to learn to fly in a lucid dream, but I haven’t been able to so far. :cry: I think it’s because I have a huge mental block. I don’t truly believe I can fly, no matter how hard I try. How do I get over this mental block and into the right mindset? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Oh, and on the topic of flying, what are the best takeoff, steering, and landing methods?

I had a similar mental block but eventually i got past it, just tell yourself that all these other people can fly in their dreams so i should be able too! Also wactch videos like this to help imagine what it would be like. and a question, have you been lucid and tried to fly? The main thing is though you have to truely believe or else it will not work. Tell yourself that this is what you really want, and its worth a shot to try. Hope i helped at least a little :smile:

Check out Here on how to fly!

First of all, if you are truly confident, you won’t need any methods for steering.
I never wondered if I can fly.

I didn’t even know some people aren’t able to fly when I began lucid dreaming.
I just knew I could fly, and that was enough for me.

When I jump off a building, I have no fears, I just start flying in mid-air.
I don’t even think about it.

In lucid dreams, you are free to do anything.
And, since nothing bad can happen to you, even if you fall, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Maybe the link in my signature could make you more confident.Check it out.

Oh yeah, almost forgot…welcome to the forum, enjoy :wink:

I found it difficult to fly at first. When I first tried, my feet were firmly on the ground. In another dream, a DC wanted to fly around with me. I watched her take off and then I attempted to do it as well. It took a while, but eventually I got it. If you find you’re stuck in a dream, ask a DC to help you :content: Just beleive in yourself, anything is possible in the dream world.

When I first tried the lower half of my body went floating off while my top half stayed put :lol:. I’ve found that simply imagining myself floating up has help. It’s slow at first, but it can really help with confidence issues. But above all, like Lord Antares said, believe in yourself. It’s your dream in your own mind; if you can imagine it, you can do it.

Hmm, when I started LD’ing I couldnt fly, however the flying parts always were there since most of my nightmares that time where dreams I started flying and then fell, some months after I joined the forum I got an LD of which I started to float and navigated to a roof of which I jumped down from and since then I could fly without problem :fly:

So believe in yourself and take your time, one day youll do it.

You’re never going to have one if you don’t believe you can. It really isn’t that hard to fix though. Check out my sig. The topic is called; “Stop trying to dream.” It’s a really good topic, and I’m sure it will help you.

Read n00dle’s 1st post, and his next post on the 2nd page.

if you try everthing and you still cant fly, i found it alot easier to just fly in things that can fly at first, like planes, gliders, jets, etc.
the first time i flew was actually in a hanglider, over some random place that looked alot like the gobi desert :eek:
after you start learning how to fly normal things, you might find it becomes easier to fly without them, just from seeing what its like to fly.