Flying in space

I finally managed to fly in space last night, in my LD. My previous attempts had been ruined by a shield surrounding the earth that I couldn’t get through. But last night I did a RC (blowing through my nose while holding it, I really didn’t think I was sleeping, but I was) and became lucid enough to get up. The room was totally dark, so I couldn’t walk out the door, so I decided to hover up through the roof and into space. It worked. I was going extremely high up, until the earth was a small pearl. I flew for what seemed like hours in many directions, but didn’t get any closer to the stars. Quite boring actually. I thought I found another planet one time, but when I got close it was just a small particle.

Any things I should try next time I’m in space? I didn’t feel I got the most out of it.


The dream of my life was to be able to fly. I LOVED it since i was little… So imagine how i felt when i found out about lucid dreaming!! I’ve tried every possible way of flying (swimming in the air, flapping hands, flying like superman, turning into an eagle, flying on a broomstick…) but the best way is growing wings like an angel! :angel_fly:
About the space bit… well i don’t really like going that high.
(i’m not scared or something, i just don’t like it!)

eats a cookie
What do you think?!

I’ve gone to space many times in my LDs, though usually unintentionally. I find flying so high, so fast, often scares me, so it’s not something I seek out. It can make for a pretty cool dream account, though.

I’d suggest landing on a planet, or exploring what you see around you. My planets often look equisite, and I just like to stare at them. It’s a very humbling experience. :smile:

I’ve only had one LD and that was a LOOOONNNG time ago, but I did fly. I just jumped off a cliff and missed the ground :wink:

I would think that slingshoting (slingshotting? slingshot-ing?) around a rather large star at high speed would be fun. Actually, anything at high speed would be fun. Try to get yourself going as fast as possible. Faster than light, maybe? Take advantage of the large amounts of empty space in space. (bad pun, I know)

Yeah, good idea. I’ll try flying faster than light and maybe see what it’s like to fly into a black hole.

I had another dream, but this time I was smaller than an atom and was floating around it trying to get to the electrons, but the space between them was so immense, like when I was in space :smile:

Something you can try (which ive tried before), for fun, is fly into space and push some planets around, or fly to the moon, and push it towards the sun, or earth, then watch it fly towards it and fianlly when they collide, enjoy the big explosion!

Make sure you ARE dreaming though :razz:

Yes Stranger that is a good point. The next time I am flying around in space and want to push the moon into the earth and watch the explosion, I will do all my best RC’s first :grin:

That sould be a very good dream sign, “I am flying around in space and can push the moon around, maybe I am dreaming?” :roll:

Don’t forget aliens. Aliens in giant spaceships. Imagine a giant space snake slithering around the galaxy. You come across a starsystem and realise the planets are the snakes eggs. The eggs hatch… and so forth.

I haven’t tried LD since I heard from it just today.
Could you tell me what is is like when you turn into an eagle.
Do you see the feathers come out of your skin?
And how did you do it? closed your eyes and when you opened them you were an eagle? or more like morphing?
Sorry about that many questions, I’m just a little enthousiastic.
Thanks in advance :wink:

Ive been doing this, but it was accidently when I found myself in a space shuttel and landed in another planet, I got out and RC’ed, then I flew out to space :tongue: but I didnt find my way back home to earth, even though I saw the galaxy from a distance :cool_laugh:


It just sounds like your brain has a very realistic comprehension of space and time. I watched a video about space travel, can’t remember which one, but it showed that even at speeds approaching the speed of light, stars aren’t streaking by like they do when Han Solo and Chewbacca engage the hyperdrive. Lol. This is obviously due to the immense distances involved. Same with the atom. If the nucleas of an atom was the size of a basketball, on that scale the electrons would be two miles away!

Anyway, good luck with your endeavors.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets freaked out when trying to fly into space. I love flying and it feels real to me. I can always feel the wind on my skin and then I try to not fly too high and I just observe all of the buidlings and landscapes on the ground as I fly over it. After reading the Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, I tried to fly into space like Stephen did. But It felt too real and even kept reminding myself that it’s just a dream. I just couldn’t seem to handle the fact of flying into space with just my dream body, I got scared and woke up. Lol.