Please Someone Teach me to Fly

Hey All I can’t Fly But I seriously need someone to teach me,I was being Depended on last night to fly but i could’nt.I can Jump quite high but fall down hard and fast Sometimes i can glide but i always land on my stomach AND IT HURTS .I don’t know about you guys but i feel pain in the dreamworld And It passes onto the real world,Today my ribs are killing me And I failed my mission,Someone Help.

I Can Teleport But don’t have choice on where i end up.

Well, for me it took a lot of attempts to fly before I succeeded well, it takes time and the important thing is not to give up.

Uh oh, Ive never experienced this and not heard of it, unfortunately I cant help you on this :sad: :shrug:

About the pain…I’m sure it’s not because of the dream…
It’s not that you have back pain in the dream and it passes onto the real world…it’s the opposite.

You have back pain IRL, and it passes onto the dream.It’s quite common.
Either you have spine problems, or you were sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

About flying…it’s all about confidence…I flew in my 1st LD…Just because I knew I could.That’s the key :wink:

Maybe you will find something interesting in this topic: Different styles of flying. :cool: Could it be that you were sleeping in a painful position? I have had physical discomfort carry over into dreams many times, and even influencing their content.

Yes, having confidence in yourself is step 1.
As soon as I became lucid in my first dream, I just jumped up into the air and flew around.

You can to. Just pretend you’re peter pan or something. Just expect nothing BUT to fly. Tell yourself it’s not natural for you NOT to fly.

Sometimes when I’m flying, I start to have doubts, and I start to sink down closer to the ground, so I tell myself I can do it, and I rise back up again.
Keep trying, and you’ll get the hang of it. I know you will! :smile:

How to fly: Take Yourself Lightly. :wink:

I had a ND once that these red threadworms were eating the soles of my feet. I woke feeling the stinging, that was nothing like circulation being cut off, but whatever it was it faded after a few minutes. Don’t know how to help if it doesn’t just eventually fade for you.

If everyone’s mind is wired differently, then I should think that everyone has their own balance of active senses in dreams, a different degree of connection to waking and dreaming life, and a different way of flying. I can fly in ND’s, so I just followed that way to do it in LD’s: relax into the just-barely-there crackle of static, and just flow along these invisible streams in the dream-air. It’s not very fast, though, and when I’d get caught in a downdraft I’d wake up --until I learned to let the ground become bouncy.

I’ve found it a stronger, more effective suggestion in just having a flying broomstick (carpet, surfboard, or winged sandals could be substituted) on hand. I’m trying to incubate a dream-cloak that can turn into wings or just act like a superhero cape.

You can fly.
If you want to take it a step at a time, try hovering first, then fly. But it doesn’t matter.
Just fly away! (anyway you want to!)

Since the only thing keeping someone from flying in LD s is the doubt they can, the first little step towards a technique is the most critical.

From - Reccomended especially to those who sleep on one side:
From the standing posistion, just lift your legs and curl up: you’ll find yourself hovering. From there it’s downhill.

The main point is, you must think of something comforting while attempting this tech, and the fact you are going into fetal position will help that. Just relax and think of being safe, and you will stay in midair.

Try to create a wind that blows you up in the air. I had been able to fly in ND’s my entire life. I’m not really trying to fly anymore but if happens often anyway.

Tonight a strong wind came a blew me up in the air which made me RC and i got lucid :smile:
Check out this thread:

just imagine yourself floating and eventually u will, worked for me

I know a tip; I remember reading it somewhere. If you find it difficult to move away from the earth, you can imaging the earth moving away from you, below you. You will soon find yourself flying.

There are different ways for every one.
Try to do different things. Like swimming or when you gliding you can try to sweep up and down like in SM64. And when you are getting low you can just rotate so your feets are pointing to the ground. I don’t really know since I didn’t have any LD yet. :meh:

I tried to fly in my first LD but it didnt work. In my second LD i wanted to fly and i was swiftly taken into the air and could control my height how fast etc.
Ive been experimenting and i have noticed that each LD has different levels of control. Sometimes its very easy to do whatever you want and sometimes it can be almost impossible.

Also one thing that worked for me is one night before sleeping i said to my self a couple times “When i fall asleep i will go flying” And sure enough in my ND i was flying! thats when i became Lucid.

One other thing i tried when i couldn’t fly was turn myself into a flying creature

Dont loose faith, some people are naturals some people need practice

            Happy Flying!   :mirror:

It should come naturally, I’m not entirely sure how I do it but, normally I just think calmly I want to fly and it feels like I get a second muscle that determines how fast high altitude and whatnot to fly.

It really just comes naturally no real method to induce it.

here are my two cents, but there is a lot of good advice here. using an item to help you fly can really help you build confidence, and if you don’t have one around, perhaps you can bring one about. i like notion of imagining that the earth is falling away from you, that’s a neat idea. try really focusing on where you want to go and will yourself to get there. hope this helps and best of luck!

I remember the first dream I tried to fly. My first attemp fail, I just raised my arms and tried to jump.

Then I realized to get it I really had to imagine myself flying over that place, I imagined it.
Raised my arms again, and when then I just started flying.

I think the most important things in dreams is to really visualizate what you want, see it before you really do it. That’s the power of ours minds! (;

Hope if helps and good luck

My first lucid dreams were all about flight. I remember how i started by jumping down a hillside, each jump could be 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet. I went through “swimming” in the air and rising like a hotair balloon. (Right out windows and other scary scenes). Superman helped, that style is very convenient, speeds things up and feels like I’m in better control.

These days, I don’t think about it, I just fly. The last barrier I had with flight was getting good height. I was introduced to the idea of visualizing the ground falling away from me instead of me going into the air. That broke away any last traces of flight trouble. I can now fly as fast as I like, wherever I like, with as much control as I like.

The main thing is, believe you can fly perfectly, and you will.

Good luck!

Have you tried Super Mario 64 jumping?
You run, then hop, hop again and then jump even higher and eventually you’ll start flying.
That’s what I try to do and it has worked most of the time.

have you ever thought of asking a dc this? do it :wink: