Beginner Techniques?

Alright, I’ve been trying the WILD technique recently (I’m basically completely new to LDing) and have had no success. I set my alarm for 3:00, go to bed at 10:30, and when I wake up, I try immediately to do WILD after turning of my alarm.

-I lay in bed relaxing, getting tired.

-I do that counting technique, usually to 100. No HI. My eye’s twitch and I sometimes have trouble keeping my eyes closed.

-When I do get minor HI, or see colours and patterns, I’m usually thinking about something completely unrelated (e.g, when I count walking down stairs, I think, “Wait, do these stairs have railings? I remember I fell down stairs three weeks ago and couldn’t grab the railing…” My thoughts trail, and suddenly I’m jolted awake by the thought of falling asleep. An ideal T.V moment, where someone jumps up in their bed.

I find it very hard to realize I’m lucid in an ND, it’s a bit like watching an uncontrollable movie.

So let me ask this, what method is best for absolute beginners, how do you do it, and can you offer any tips based on my information? Thanks…

Looks at my post Wow, that was a bit long.

That’s because you are entering REM state - as title says, rapid eye movement. Still without a dream, trough. Maybe you should keep it for a while ?.

Random troughts happen everytime you fall asleep, but you are losing consciousness at the point. As long you are keeping conscious, they’re under control. When it start to fade, troughts appears. At some point you realize that troughts make no sence, so you must be falling asleep…

Try to do RC’s , around 20 a day.

What about tips ? well, practise makes perfect. If you really don’t like any tech, try another, to find the one that works best for you.[size=67]and try Infinity, lucid dreaming course. It’s a useful thing ! [/size]

Yeah, same here, only thing, I don’t set my alarm, I do it while going to sleep, about the same time you are so it can’t be “entering REM state” I guess.
My eyes actually goes to the sides, can’t really explain, I can prevent them from opening but it starts to hurt. And if I let my mind wander this doesn’t happen - only if I try to focus on something. But I think, I am getting better at it…now correct me if I am wrong, but I try to focus more like… passive observation you know…like I am far away and focusing on it. Hell, I can’t explain anything :smile:

I believe the most basic technique is auto-suggestion.

Tell yourself frequently that when you are dreaming you will remember to recognize that you are dreaming.

A variation is to write this over and over, or type it over and over.

For me the most effective technique is MILD + WBTB.
However before this, you have to develop dream recall to at least 1 dream every night.