Being A Cartoon Character

Has anyone ever been a cartoon character? Like my goal says, I want to be in South Park, but I’m always forgeting and when I do rememer I can’t do it. I have done it once, it was awesome while in it, but it only lasted about a minute. So, I just wanted to ask: Have you ever dreamed of being in a cartoon and being a character?

Not quite cartoon or character but I was in games: minecraft, call of duty, GTR Evolution and maybe some others, I can’t remember…

I guess it’s the same because when I was in minecraft everything was make of blocks and it was awesome. Same texture pack I use and the physics of the game…
I don’t watch any cartoons so I guess it would take special effort to actually dream about cartoon.

Try and plan out your dream. Try to imagine how would dream start and what would you do. You can write that down or maybe draw a scene or two if you are good at drawing. Planing out should help a lot, also you can use autosuggestion…

Good luck! :content:

I,ve met a cartoon lady in one of my LDs. Its hard to explain, vut the 2D figure of the cartoon princess seened 3D.

I’ve been 2D a couple times. It was weird but fun.

It was basically a variant of third person perspective, except everything was 2D and cartoon-y.