Being a color

My friend once dreamed that he was red. Not that he was colored red, but that he was the color red itself. His consciousness was identified with the color red: Everything that was red was he, everything that was he was red.

I have had plenty of lucid dreams, but haven’t developed such a flexibility of mind yet. Anyone here who’s got any ideas of other really far-out abstract things to dream?

Well, I never really thought about it before, but in an LD once I tried to be invisible and my surroundings turned to black-and-white. (and i don’t remember ever dreaming in black-and-white before) In theory, wouldn’t invisibility be possible if you became a color in a black-and-white universe?

Probably didn’t help much… but just something to think about. :shrug:

I guess you should be able to pass by quite unnoticed being a color, both in real life and while dreaming. A drawback could be that you might not be able to form the thoughts you normally have in your mind, since a color lacks neurons and stuff. On the other hand, what’s the point of transforming yourself into something else if you don’t get to experience a new mindset?

Being invisible sounds fun. I see two different versions. First (the easiest) where you can feel that you have a body only that nobody can see it. And secondly, where you don’t have the concept of body – somehow…


Was your friend lucid when he dreamed this? I think that the unlucid mind is more flexible. Becuase rationality is not as much of an obstacle. It’s irrational to rationalize in a dream, so things are easier for the unlucid dreamer. He can just go with it. An admirable freedom.

About insivibility. In dream, my experience has been that I can see myself, but noone else can. I guess that’s more like being out-of-mind.

ive dreamt i was in another dimension. (not lucid) It got really complex to talk about but i do understand the concept of dreaming something so strange. This demension was just all neon colors and it was like moving in liquid…weird stuff.