Being insulted as a dreamsign.

I believe this is a dream sign for me.

I find that when I am verbally insulted in my dreams, or when someone does something outrageous to me, I get offended and I retaliate in a very mean way. I’m not a mean guy, however, but this usually results in me realising that I am dreaming.

For example:

  1. When I was charged 39,000$ for driving without a license. I told the woman who fined me to F-off. Then I flung her back with my dream powers, realising at that point that I was dreaming.

  2. I got off a bus and someone woman called me “short”. I was offended and I turned around and gave her the middle finger. Then I went around the street smacking people in the head and soon I realised that this all could not possibly be real.

  3. In class, I wrote a poem in retaliation to someone, which was insulting. The teacher asked me why, and I said, “This is my dream and I can do what I want!”

I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something about my approach to life maybe? Because I am a very polite and well-mannered person - perhaps too nice sometimes! :eh:

hahaha that’s funny! Very cool though. that just gives you so many more chances to become lucid. sounds like you have some cool dreams. I think that maybe your mind might be trying to tell you that you are dreaming and it’s time to get lucid.

definitly a sign that your dreaming…

I’m rarely insulted in my dreams…

Or anywhere else for that matter… :tongue:

Wow; lots of IRL anger you have there shorty :razz:
j/k :happy:

you are definately right about your interpretation! If you are extremely nice and well mannered in waking life, then maybe you are a bit of a “doormant”. you become lucid and react in a way that you never would in real life. Maybe you should be a bit more assertive in your daily life, not necessarily meaner or less patient, just more assertive. :help: