Being someone else?

Has any one ever been someone from a TV show/cartoon and they never really saw their self or noone had called them by their name yet you nkow that yuo were that person in the dream?

I had one like that last night…I was Spike from the show called Angel…xD

yeah, thats happened to me acouple of times before, i was once a character from some cartoon (a can’t remember which one :confused: ), and once i was watching people, i wasn’t really a part of the plot of the dream.

once i remember i was a mouse…lol :happy:

i’ve been hank hill before, those dreams are awesome.

hehe funny you should mention this.

i’ve heard of this reality show where this guy thinks he’s picking from women but all the women are actors and they’re just messing with him. it’s on spike tv or something… i don’t know i’ve never seen it. but i was having a dream and i “knew” i was on this show. i was standing next to the guy who this was all about. during the dream i kept slipping from my character to him… it was funny because i knew that they didn’t know that i knew that this was all a big joke (if that makes any sense) and i was messing with them and making it all dramatic. but then my perspective would slip into another person and the guy would be helpless and think that the show was real. it was confusing. but yeah, there were no signs or anything… i just knew what was going on… it was great.

also at the end of a dream a giant 13 foot grizzly bear attacked the show… he ate camera men and actresses… i was calling 911 but my tongue wouldn’t work and i was slurring speech… then the bear crashed through the sliding glass door and i woke up. :cry: :grin: :tongue:

i have had many ND where i am luke skywalker

Lol I turn into different ppl a lot when I’m lucid but it happens in my ND’s too sometimes. Recently I was dreaming and completely not lucid and most of the cast from Friends were in my dream! THis made me lucid which I wasn’t expecting so I just decided to go with the plot or woteva. Couldn’t be bothered doing anything else. But I realised that Rach was really good looking and the next thing I knew I was her lol. Thing is I must have been starting to lose lucidity coz A) I didn’t TRY to become her… it happened without my intention and B) once I was her I lost all lucidity and I actually thought I was her which was crazy. I’m lucid usually when I body swap and therefore I know I’m still me but this was one of the first times I actually thought I was someone else… Strange.