Being tickled out of lucid!!

Hey, lately (my past few lucid dreams) I’ve been tickled out of it by hostile DCs!! They find out I know I’m dreaming, and then they attack me and grab my sides and tickle me! :bored: I know it isn’t real and I’ve tried to stay lucid and tell myself I’m not actually being physically tickled so I shouldn’t feel it, but it feels sooo real, and they force me awake every time :sad:

One time I had a dream that I woke up in bed, and it was dark so I went to go turn on the light, but it wouldn’t turn on so I knew I was dreaming. Then at that moment somebody was in my bed behind me and they tickled me :eek: so I freaked out and woke myself up.

In another dream i was in a basement with my mom, and I looked around then I realized I was asleep because I’d never been in that basement before… Then I got excited and told my mom :razz: she looked upset and concerned and she said something like, she wasn’t supposed to let me LOL and she tickled me till I woke up!

This has happened almost every lucid dream lately, and sometimes I can get away but most fof the time I can’t and I wake myself up.

Has anybody else experienced this? :confused: What should I do to stop them? It’s really annoying, especially since I DESPISE being tickled in real life… :help:

So what do you think I could do?

Tickled to death - never heard such a thing before. :meh:

I suggest next time, you shove the person who’s tickling you really hard and give them a good lesson. I really don’t know what to advise you better in this case.

You’re very concerned about this, I can imagine, but it’s a ridiculous and amusing way to being kicked out of a LD.

You’ll get over it, don’t worry - all you need is a few more LD’s. :wink:

I know lol, it is pretty ridiculous :razz: the only thing is, when they tickle me I become really weak, and it’s like when you try and hit someone in your dream but you become weak and slow, like you’re going through water. I think I have to try and figure out a way I can completely convince myself I am in control, Not my dream characters, lol

I’m not an expert in the topic, In fact never had a Lucid Dream yet. So my opinon should be taken lightly (don’t know if that is the correct term).

You don’t want this to happen right? So it’s not you what’s causing this, maybe it’s your subconcious. And interacting with your subconcious in your dreams is kinda weird. Maybe you should take a different attitude, like saying “come on, tickle me if you dare” or something like that.
Or maybe your problem is caused by an external factor, for example: your bedsheets tickles you and in your dreams its shown like that.

Sorry for my english…

You can experiment with your lucidity: numb your nervous system, turn your dream body into gum or rubber cement or something that can make the tickler stick, change clothes so that you’re wearing a tough corset that you can’t feel anything through, turn the tickler into a stack of feathers or whatever you associate with tickling that has no hostility or autonomy…

I remember and i think its still now that if i jump really high and i see its high i get this really big tickle feeling in my stomach. Annoying

I think it is because you are too concerned about it, in a dream, what you think will come true, perhaps when you realize you are dreaming, you automatically ( maybe not conciously, maybe yes) worry about being tickled, then you Will probably be tickled, next time just dont be worried, and have a light mind and maybe think like " haha, I will fly away this time and you won’t touch me!"

what i think you should do is the same thing you do with the finger in hand method. belive that their hands will go THROUGH you! then all they’ll basiclly be doing is waving their hands around in a foggy version of you. :smile: hope it helps.

About the Tickling Wake Up

I’ve had the same thing happening. Lately I’ve been able to fly really high. Before, it was hard to reach certain height but now it feels like I fly high speed to space. I can also grow big, like big enough to reach heaven.

Last time I flied high I found stairs leading somewhere up. When I started climbing, a burly guy suddenly descended down the stairs and started tickling me. I tried to fight but he was stronger. I knew his purpose was to wake me up so that I could not go see what’s beyond those stairs.

It has happened before and after every time my LD gets to the point I’m able to do almost anything. Aside from ticklers, there are also these people that sometimes try to stuck on me like mosquitos. It feels like they were kind of biting me and it feels disgusting. If they succeed, I’ll wake up. Could these be actual beings that prevent us from reaching something we’re not allowed to see?

You should not be so sure its not real. Why is it the same for us and why did we reach the same conclusion about them? Consciousness is real. Subconsciousness is also real. If something is unreal, then we would not be able to have any sort of experience. Absolutely nothing.

The only thing that is not real is something that cannot be experienced in any way. I believe that may not be possible. Our universe is endless with timeless realms such as the afterlife. God wants to experience every possible form of experience through all lifeforms. And everything is alive in one way or another. Whatever we can imagine, God can also imagine and make it real in the real world too if He pleases. Most of this may be happening in various different dimensions.

Just because we have control over some stuff in our dreams doesn’t mean it’s not real. It simply means the natural laws in dreams are directly connected to our individual consciousnesses. In the real world it’s a more collective thing.

About punches being Slow and Weak

That has happened to mee too. If I try to hit someone, the punch becomes very slow and weak. Once again, why do some of us experience all this stuff in a same way?

However, I’ve found a way to fight that works at least to some extent. Instead of punching, grab them by the arm and bash them from side to side in the same way Hulk handled Loki in the first Avengers movie.

Also, punching works better and faster if you use a haymaker to the side of head instead of a punch that is directed forwards. You should try these methods.