Beliefs, memory and LD'ing

The main part of the lucid dreaming experience is empirical and this practice and way of seeing things hasn’t made the faintest progress since the 20 last years. So in my opinion, if we want to explore something, we have to turn towards theory. The two most promising theorical ways, in my opinion, are considering that the LD’ing “endo-reality” we explore are our beliefs (Bouchet, Kepple) or our memories (Rifat).

Did you already tried to explore LD’ing along these tracks? If yes, what sort of experiments have you made and what was your opinion about? Have you got some interesting ideas that you couldn’t test yet? Or if you didn’t, have you found something written about this?

Disagree, the study of Lucid dreams has indeed made great progress in the last decades
What we explore during LD’s is a mixture of both aspects i think :happy: