Believing dreams when you wake up

LOL! That’s incredible! I didn’t think one could believe that the dream was real when waking up. :lol:
I’ll try and remember if I’ve had such dreams.

i dont think (in my situation) that i thought a dream was real…i think that my brain had not fully woken up yet and i was still thinking dream logic because i dont remember having a dream about my bed blowing up

Such things never happenned to me after waking up but sometimes during the day I start thinking about something and can’t decide if it just happened in a dream i have forgotten or in RL.

One freaky thing that happened recently was that I had a dream about my friend whose face looked differently. All day today I kept trying to sneak a peek at him, making a mental imprint for the future. :content:

I had something like this, when I woke up after about ten minutes of worrying I noticed It was Summer and I had about a month left unil school would even a start.

I have this memory of my parents promising to take me to disney world when I was younger. I never worked out if it was a dream or not, although we did go eventually.

Today I was really tired because I woke up at 7am (I’m more of a night person) So I decided to have a nap at about 7pm. I think I had HI and I opened my eyes because I was convinced all this stuff was hanging from the ceiling. I still saw it for a few seconds before it faded away.

This rarely happens to me in any way big enough for me to remember it, but I do remember it happening once when I was pretty little. I dreamed a turtle came into my room and told me it was Christmas.

I’m sure it was about December 5th when I woke up. Oh well. :wink:

It happened to me today!! In my dream my dad came home and took my mum to the hospital, and when i woke up she had gone out n i thought shes at the hospital, so i asked my brother were she was and he said the hospital!! :neutral: Strange or just coinsidence? Only thing is she got the bus my dad was at work :tongue:

Same thing happens to me. I’ll dream that a huge assignment is due that day, and then usually I’ll have a FA and be like, oh its actually due tomorrow, but I still haven’t started it, and then I’ll really wake up and start researching the vikings or something, and realize its actually late december in college, so there is nothing due.

adg12012, I hate to laugh but that is funny. This happened to me a little over a week ago w/ a dream I was having of my b/f’s brother. I sat up in be and yelled putting my hands up stopping something that was going to hurt him. I sat there and realized what I was doing and went to bed feeling stupid.

Now, I just laugh at myself. I can understand the feeling of discomfort.

I feel like my brain is permantely like that (well, long term anyways) from all of the drugs ive done. I always seem to be half asleep and not thinking clearly.

Ive had dreams where ive woken up and believed that my dream was real for a while or tried to figure out if what i experienced was real, but Ive never taken action with it (run around house unplugging everything lol)