Believing dreams when you wake up

hey, this doesnt really have n e thing to do with LDing but i had a very freaky experience a few nights ago

I woke up out of a dream a few nights ago and although i cant remember the dream i think it had something to do with my bed blowing up because when i woke up a actually thought my bed was going to blow up and i was freaking out and running all around my house trying ot think of a way to stop it. So i ran into my room and unplugged every plug in my room thinking “it cant blow up if nothings powering it”

I then went and laid down on my couch and after about 5 minutes i realized how stupid i was and that there was no way my bed was gunna blow up

…this actually happened again another night but instead i thought my bed was gunna fall apart so i jumped on it and tried to hold it together…same basic idea as the first thing…after five minutes i just realized ti was stupid and went back to bed

jsut imagine if someone had seen you :rofl: something happened similar to me once, mine was more dangerous though i ran aroung my house having a panic attack thinking the spanish were after me, ah well laugh now cry then

the thing is…in the first “episode” i though my bed blowing up was my fault and i felt like ashamed and i was almost in tears when i was trying to stop it :tongue:

Waw! It seems that you stayed in “dream logic” mode after you woke up. That’s very curious! :eek:

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Don’t worry, I know it sucks while you’re in it but a lot of people wake up thinking that what happened in a dream was real or that it is real and still happening. If someone sees you they will probably know that it was just a bad dream. Maybe if you could try to understand why you keep thinking something is gonna happen to your bed or what it means to you, it won’t happen anymore

i get that abut every month or so
once i had a dream about magnets going near my laptop and breaking it and when i woke up i really thought my laptop was broken :tongue:

One night, when I was extremelt thirsty, I finally got to sleep.

In the dream, I dreamt that a bottle of Panda Pop had fallen from the sky and landed in my bed.

I then woke up, and spent around five minutes searching the covers of my bed for the drink, before I realised I was being stupid.

yes, I sometimes, well…not anymore, try to find a control remote or something like that in my sheets

I had a FA once in which I constantly looked at the clock. So when I actually woke up I was suprised the time wasn’t what it was in the dream.

Once I dreamed that my aunt died and for about a month, I believed that.

I once woke up thinking there was a zombie outbreak,I’m happy I don’t have any guns cause I would have loaded them O_O

My dreams are usually way too impossible for me to ever get them mixed up with real life, but there was one time when I woke up thinking I had a huge maths assignment due that day and I hadn’t done any work on it. I was horribly freaked out for a whole minute before I finally realised it was Saturday and I couldn’t possibly have anything due!

iv done that b 4 too

i woke up thinking that i had forgotten to do a book report for english and i got on my computer to do it then i realized ti was a dream

happened for me too when i was kid, sometimes woke up from nightmare (giant marble balls rolling behind me and i was running) and when i woke up i was like, damn, i cant sleep nomore, those balls are too scary >.<…

quite annoing when that happened…

The only time that happens to me is when I form a deep bond with a female I’m infatuated with then wake up to have my heart broken…

Heh, ive had plenty of dreams like that, one in particular i remember is where i had lots of chocolate and sweets on my room and i woke up hungry and was looking for them for what mustve been 20 minutes!! :happy:

The dissappointment was terrible :cry: :cry: :cry:

hah, its good to know im not alone…i was starting to think i had some kind of psychological problem or something :tongue:


The worst thing that happened to me was this:

[ND]It was around 2:30, and I had just gotten home from school. I was REALLY tired, and looking forward to the long weekend to get some well earned sleep.[/ND]

Waking up from that, I then realized that it was Friday morning and had to go through a whole 'nother day before I could get to bed. :cry: (yes, I was tired in the dream and when I woke up) You have no idea how depressing that was… :sad:

you think thats bad…try dreaming an ENTIRE day of school…every single boring minute of every single boring class then waking up and having to do it again because it was a dream…horrible

ohhhhhhh i have had dreams like that! like it was christmas holidays or something then i wake up and its october! :sad: