Best dream I ever had, I NEED TO DO IT AGAIN

Basically, I had this dream last night, and the bizarre thing is, is that it incorporated all the things I watched on TV during that lay-in day.

Basically it went along like this…

I was about 13-14 years old and in a large building, much like the one seen in “Spirited Away” which I watched that day. Everything was in an anime world, just like the film. (Exterior of the building: and the Interior design:
Then, I realised I was running away from something and was running alongside this beautifull girl the same age (13-14) and she looked like the older Chihiro (photo of her in the movie:, the main character in the film and a large woman raced alongside her.
We got into a library room where the shelves were on the wall’s sides and loads of seats were laid out in the middle, (looked a little like this:, but with books around the side and no windows and lots of people inside reading in silence & the ceiling was lower, too). but one bench was at the opposite end of the room and it had a large air-duct there.
We raced up to it and stood by the duct which was made of wood.
“You need to go through there to escape. But as soon as you enter it, you will not see me again.” Chihiro said. (This is the same concept as Spirited Away, with the same characters and magic theme to it, so she was probably placed with a curse or something). She handed me a note with writing on it. I think it was probably directions to my escape.
As Chihiro (in my dream) couldn’t write in english, I was stunned.
“How did you-?” I stuttered.
She didn’t reply, just came up to me, and we kissed, nothing really passionate, just a contact between our lips. (Now I know I was asleep, but when I woke up, I still felt this kiss on my lips. I have never been kissed by a non-related girl before, so I felt that that contributed to me feeling dizzy when I got up)!
We then stared into each others eyes, knowing that we would not meet again (for some reason). I felt deeply sadened and we both saw tears escaping our eyes.
I clambered into the duct, turned round and saw that Chihiro was gone, as she had said, but the woman standing next to her a moment ago was still there.
I asked her, tears streaming down my cheek;
“Whered she go?”
She told me that she was stil standing next to me, that she was infact calling my name and trying to tug on my clothing. But my clothing didn’t move, nor did I hear anything.
The woman told me that if I was desperate enough to save her, I would have to go up to a higher authority and ask the “Big Boss” to turn her back to a normal being, not just a spirit of nothingness.
I said I would, but she told me it would be a dangerous journey to the top of the building.
I said my farewell and crawled through the duct and into the neighbouring room. It was more or less the same design as the library, but much smaller with one desk inside and a chair and other business related objects strewn about. A large section of the wall was a glass one.
I found some rope and found something in my pocket, a type of gun, but it was bright green and round and chubby, like a child’s water pistol.
I wrapped the rope around my waist and tied the end to a pipe in the room and opened the window and “walked” down the wall (I can’t remember what it is called). But, I realised I was in a courtyard, where all the other walls were made of glass and windows and creatures peered out and started firing arrows at me. (They were probably chasing after me on orders of someone who was chasing me and Chihiro and the large woman earlier on.)
I fired the gun at some of the creatures and they changed form, for instance, a large red blob which was firing at me got hit by my gun’s ammo, which turned him into a mouse, and a small yellow spider got turned into an umberella with legs. (The same thing happened in Spirited Away, where a large baby got turned into a hamster.)
I got to the bottom of the courtyard and raced inside.
I then needed to go to the toilet, so I walked through a large hallways with red carpet and blue carpeted walls and a black ceiling emitting a white light from the light bulbs above.
I needed to climb up some steps which were curved around a curvey wall.
As I took a step on one step, it emitted a creak. The next step gave out a creak but in a higher note. This continued until I got to the end of the steps, where it turned into a slope round the corner of the wall. Yet, every step I took a note emitted, like a piano.
The corridor was large and had little shops along the walls, and one of them was a butchers, and out stepped Corporal Jones from Dads Army, which I watched that day (what he looks like: He said that he would like me to help him play a tune on the creaky floor. So me and Jones started leaping on the floor, making a random tune out of it, like a scene in Big, starring Tom Hanks (the film: ) which I watched that day. Loads of creatures saw us doing this and stared in amusement and laughed alongside us.Now I don’t know what happened next, I probably skipped a few scenes in my head, because the next thing I knew, was that I was on the balcony of the building (the exterior: ) all along the bridge were the creatures, including the ones that I turned into objects, but they had turned back.
An old woman (like this: ) said that she was going to take the curse off of Chihiro, and so I looked to my side and slowly, from the ground up, a mist of colour rose up and then, there stood Chihiro, with a tearfull smile upon her face and whispered; “Thankyou”.
Then, we embraced, passionately kissing and the crowds cheered and then music played in the background (this music, but skip forward to 00:18 seconds, and thats what I heard. ) Flashbacks of the journey went through my mind. I was so happy.

Then I awoke.

Now I feel really sad, because I felt more comfortable and happy there then I do in real life. Everything was perfect there. And I was in love with a girl who loved me back.

But she doesn’t exist.

And its painfull inside me.

I haven’t felt happy since. I know it may sound stupid, but I have tried to tell myself that I’ll get over it in a minute, but I haven’t.
I can only hope now, that as a Christian, that my God can do something about this…

Nothing has made me feel so upset as realising someone you love, does not exist at all.

I posted this for two reasons:

  1. I needed to tell some one, to let it off my chest. My best and most powerfull dream ever.

  2. A Question. If I become a lucid dreamer, could I delve deeper in to this world, and almost continue with it? Down to the anime style world, not realistic-like, with the powers and stuff? Would I feel the same way after each dream if I did so?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you lot!

PS: Sorry about some of the bad hyperlinks, couldnt seem to sort em out

Dreams can have that affect. You may or you may not have the dream again.
In a lucid dream you could maybe find this place, You never know though.
It all has to do with your mind and yours alone.

Sounds like a good dream. Not sure what to tell you. I say get Lucid and go for it. Or maybe this is one of them precognitive dream thingys and you will actually meet this person. Don’t count on that though. So yeah get Lucid, then go to that particular dream, preferably right where you left off (go through a painting or door or something while lucid while telling yourself you will be in that dream) and finish it! But if you do, make sure you tell us how it turns out!

:wave: hello Fuzileer, welcome to LD4all
this reminded me of an earlier topic
link → My first love. Not in RL :sad:
when you get experienced with lucid dreams you should be able to re-create some of it

since you would know this world was of your creation the feelings would probably not be the same…

Thanks for the replies.

Well, I am upset that I won’t be ble to go through the same exact dream again.
But to hell with it, at least I had a good dream like that. :smile:

Okay, I’m gonna try and become Lucid, I will return to that dream come hell or high water!

I dont know. I’ve had the same dream more then once. I probably had about 5 normal dreams that I’ve had more then once. I’ve also had the same LD more then once. So I dont know. Maybe you can have the same one again

You can’t recreate the same feeling if you’re lucid? Bullshit.

You can recreate whatever you set your mind to recreate.
Otherwise, you might try just setting up the scenario and losing lucidity if you prefer to.

I don’t think you should aim to be a lucid dreamer on the basis that you feel happier in the dreaming world and the person you love is there. You’ve got to get a grip on reality, there’s no problem with trying to lucid dream but i wouldn’t do it for those reasons. If you kept seeing that girl in your dreams then you’d feel that bad when you woke up every time you wake up. The more you see her in your dreams the harder it’ll be to forget about her. Just remember, she is on your head, thinking you love someone from a dream is unhealthy. For these reasons i’d advise you not to recreate the same dream, just be happy that you had a nice dream but accept that that’s all it was.

Never thought of it that way, thanks for pointing it out.

But putting aside my dream, being lucid sounds pretty cool, so I want to try it out anyway.

By the way, is it scary when you get into the dream, cos ive been told that your body starts to paralyze from the feet up?


No problem, yeah Lding is pretty cool (not that I can do it particurly well yet) so I do recommend it for a bit of fun. As for being scary, I’ve never tried going into a dream that way (because I’m too scared of having scary hallucinations and stuff and you do get paralysed) but most people say it’s not really scary and even when it is you’ll get used to it. I just get lucid randomly to be honest, although I do use mild sometimes.

Cos I sometimes get sleep paralysis, and last time i had it, i tried doing what you guys suggested, saying to myself that im ok and telling myself to wake up. Its horrrible…

Well if you don’t want that you can always try a different way like mild or doing reality checks and stuff. Have a read about it on the main part of this webiste if you haven’t already, or just search ‘lucid dream’ on google.