Best IRC Moments

/me knows what it really means :grin:

Yes, of course you do. You know what Ze Real Vera is. :3

Everybody is being helpful for a change.

Seems like everybody’s trying to post it in this topic too. :tongue:

These convos remind me of the trollface image. Don’t ask. lol

I think we didn’t see each other messages…

Posted for Tggtt. :tongue:

Thanks, I lost the log for that one!

For the records, it happened on February 25th, 2012, you stated earlier.

lasheek, teacher of the eternal dream, fighting the evil ones who attempt to expose, destroy and exploit the eternal dream from within the lesser dreams. Battling with his lasheek’s son’s, The Doctor and many more. May lasheek live long time.



Aww, GnarGnar beat me XD

Seriously, you had us all fooled. And here I thought I was trolling you by countering Lasheek with Doctor Who XD

/me bow to Lasheek.

20:37 -!- JohhnyBGoode [] has joined #LD4ALL
20:37 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> it does happen at random times
20:37 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Hello.
20:37 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> namaste
20:37 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> how are you?
20:37 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> ? help
20:37 #ld4all: <&Lucidus> help == Please read the LD4all chat guidelines: [ | To know LD related acronyms, type ? WILD or ? LD for example. For full list of acronyms check the forum.
20:37 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> ? ld
20:37 #ld4all: <&Lucidus> ld == Lucid Dream - A dream where you “wake-up” within the dream and you realize your surroundings are a dream.
20:37 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Cool.
20:38 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> :smile:
20:38 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Anyone know how to LD?
20:39 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> ? LD
20:39 #ld4all: <&Lucidus> LD == Lucid Dream - A dream where you “wake-up” within the dream and you realize your surroundings are a dream.
20:40 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> it’s not like a skill i’ve managed to induce all the time, though given all the info on the forum about How to; yes i know how
20:40 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Does anyone know how to WILD, I want to learn how to LD.
20:40 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> and yes i’ve experienced them as well
20:40 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> dont start with WILD
20:40 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> well i mean you can try
20:40 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> but its significantly more difficult
20:40 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> wild isnt the only way to get lds
20:40 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> no
20:41 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> i mean yeah it isnt
20:41 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> But WILD sounds like the best.
20:41 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> it is lol
20:41 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> its fun but ive only succeeded once
20:41 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> I want to WILD, does anyone know how?
20:41 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> i used to lol, i used to practise LDing… gotta get back on that >.>
20:42 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> its more successful if you try after having at least 5 hs sleep
20:42 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> i mean i know how to wild, but its really hard
20:42 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> as in…not first thing going to bed
20:42 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> So how do I WILD, I want to LD.
20:42 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> and ive only done it legitimately once
20:42 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> stay perfectly still, and dont let SP startle you
20:42 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> ? SP
20:42 #LD4ALL: * EyesWide can only think of doing it once too
20:42 #ld4all: <&Lucidus> SP == Sleep Paralysis - You are awake (or seem to be awake) but cannot move. Can be accompanied by fear if you aren’t familiar with the experience.
20:43 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> hoyl crap i should sleep i dindt sleep last night
20:43 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Is this the same as the dark spell loudel?
20:43 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> and its almost midnight
20:43 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> but
20:43 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> ugh im not really tired
20:43 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> I am trying to learn how to LD so I can meet the Great leader lasheek.
20:43 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> not familiar with that
20:44 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> Lasheek
20:44 #LD4ALL: < Psyduck> this intrigues me
20:45 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Lasheek is the one great provider who will help us in times of Larr.
20:45 #LD4ALL: < demented> really
20:46 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Really, if you do not accept lasheek then I will not try to explain, you are doomed.
20:46 -!- Wyvern is now known as Cockatrice
20:47 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Has anyone had a lot of experience with LDing?
20:47 #LD4ALL: < Cockatrice> Mmmmmhm
20:48 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> How do you do it?
20:48 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> Writer’sCube does, but i’ve never seen him on chat
20:48 #LD4ALL: < Cockatrice> Ancient chinese secret!
20:48 #LD4ALL: < Cockatrice> Huzzah
20:48 #LD4ALL: < demented> i doubt anyone here has many LD’s due WILD technique
20:48 -!- Cockatrice [] has quit [Quit: When life gives you lemons… hey, free stuff!]
20:48 #LD4ALL: < demented> other techniques works much better
20:49 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> demented: Why is that?
20:49 #LD4ALL: < demented> much easier to do other ways
20:49 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> because you use them when you are already half asleep or close to it
20:49 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> How many LD’s have you had?
20:49 #LD4ALL: < demented> i am noob, i had only 3 D:
20:49 #LD4ALL: < demented> but i started barely 2 weeks ago
20:50 #LD4ALL: < demented> :smile:
20:50 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> with wild you start when you’re fully awake
20:50 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> You speak without expereince?
20:50 #LD4ALL: < demented> i speak with knowledge
20:50 #LD4ALL: < demented> not experience…
20:50 #LD4ALL: < demented> i heard a lot from experienced ones
20:50 -!- Mew151|Away is now known as Mew151
20:50 #LD4ALL: < demented> but if you dont like, i shut up
20:51 -!- Mew151 is now known as Mew151|Sleep
20:51 #ld4all: * Mew151|Sleep is going to sleep now asparagus.
20:51 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> And what is knowledge? lasheek teaches that their is no knowledge, experience is the closest you can get.
20:51 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> What other ways are there to LD?
20:51 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> WILD can get you lucid every night if you master it.
20:52 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> But many find it difficult.
20:52 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Do you know how to LD WyvPhone?
20:52 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> Yes…
20:52 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> i’m not familiar with the teachings of lasheek but i believe information gives you a starting point even if experience is the only way to gain true knowledge
20:52 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Have you ever WILDed?
20:52 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> Many times.
20:53 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> lasheek does not beleive in true knowledge, everything could be a dream.
20:53 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> You could be dreaming.
20:54 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> Then why aren’t you lucid?
20:54 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> WyvPhone: did you have any expereinces with the evil ones? I have heard that you are shaken out of your body by them and must battle then before you can meet lasheek.
20:54 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> I’ve never met “lasheek”. I’ve faced all my nightmares though.
20:55 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> I don’t get nightmares anymore.
20:55 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> You have trancended the evil ones?
20:56 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Have you mastered LDing?
20:56 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> I didn’t see the nightmares as evil. Areas that needed improvement. Things to overcome.
20:56 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> Love hate relationship.
20:57 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> I don’t get non lucid dreams.
20:57 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> And you have never met lasheek?
20:58 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> You sound like you could be a son of lasheek.
20:58 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> I’ve met many entities. Non by that name.
20:58 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> i think i’m going to bed soon
20:59 -!- Rhewin [] has joined #LD4ALL
20:59 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> it’ll be slow going tonight, what with my wisdom teeth gone and my mouth sore
20:59 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> I would not be suprised if he has contacted you threw some force. You sound like you could a son of lasheek.
20:59 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> at least i
20:59 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> i’m not nauseaus nymore
21:00 #LD4ALL: * Rhewin may or may not be
21:00 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> EyesWide: ask lasheek for help and he will provide.
21:00 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> I will be right back.
21:00 -!- Rhewin is now known as Rhawin
21:00 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> JohhnyBGoode: could I just ask Sheekal?
21:00 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> I like Sheekal a bit more…
21:01 #LD4ALL: * EyesWide cautiously approaches Rhawin
21:01 #LD4ALL: * Rhawin licks EyesWide :3
21:02 #LD4ALL: * EyesWide submissevly rolls over for a tummy rub (dog form)
21:02 #LD4ALL: * Rhawin scritches tummy
21:02 #LD4ALL: * EyesWide wags tail
21:03 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> makes me think of my favorite dog at the moment
21:03 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> he’s really sweet, if my aprtment didnt forbid pets and if i had the extra money, id adopt him’
21:03 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> Daww
21:04 #LD4ALL: * EyesWide sighs
21:04 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> he even appeared in a recent ND of mine
21:04 #LD4ALL: * Rhawin sent a dog’s ball into the ocean the other day… dog apparently can swim T.T
21:04 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> :tongue:
21:04 -!- Magnus [Magnus@Trust.No.One] has quit [Broken pipe]
21:05 #LD4ALL: * WyvPhone goes to bed
21:05 #LD4ALL: < EyesWide> night
21:05 #LD4ALL: < demented> day
21:05 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> couch
21:05 #LD4ALL: < WyvPhone> :tongue:
21:05 #LD4ALL: < demented> bless you
21:05 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Hello.
21:06 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> Ohai thar
21:06 #LD4ALL: < demented> oh, you and your lasheek again…
21:06 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> lasheek is not with me, he is with everyone.
21:06 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Hello Rhawin.
21:07 #LD4ALL: < demented> i cant find any lucid dreaming lasheeks in internet
21:07 #LD4ALL: < demented> so it must be more or less your peronal thing
21:07 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> Actually, JohhnyBGoode, where does lasheek come from?
21:07 #LD4ALL: * Rhawin has not heard of him/her/it
21:07 -!- Sooth-off [] has quit [Ping timeout]
21:08 #LD4ALL: < demented> i wonder if omkar heard;)
21:08 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> lasheek comes from the eternal dream.
21:08 #LD4ALL: < demented> must be some local religion
21:09 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> Interestingly, the only thing I’ve found from the eternal dream is The Doctor. He’s saved you so many times and you’ve never even heard of you.
21:09 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> heard of him

21:10 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Who is The Doctor, is he a son of lasheek?
21:10 #LD4ALL: * EyesWide gives a doggy sigh and goes to sleep
21:10 #LD4ALL: < demented> johny, i am sure lasheek is as real as you want it to be. just like any other name or entity you can imagine in your dream.
21:10 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> demented not everyone choices to accept lasheek, most people are usually not capable of understanding.
21:11 #LD4ALL: < demented> i am proud to be one of those not understanding
21:11 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> Who is the Doctor is the First Question, and the question that must never be asked.
21:12 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> demented: I do not expect you to understand lasheek over the internet.
21:12 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> He never stops, He never stays, and He never asks to be thanked
21:12 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Rhawin: is he aware of the eternal dream?
21:13 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> JohhnyBGoode: I’m not sure, but I know he’s not a human being. He walks in eternity.
21:13 -!- Sooth-off [] has joined #LD4ALL
21:14 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> Does he travels between the lesser dreams in search of the evil ones who wish to expose, distort and exploit the eternal dream?
21:15 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> Oh, he does anything he can to fight the evils of the dream to a fault…
21:16 #LD4ALL: < Rhawin> His cause has even lead him astray somtimes. The Doctor… the man who never looks back because he dare not out of shame
21:16 #LD4ALL: < JohhnyBGoode> He sounds like a son of lasheek, WyvPhone do you do the same?

Ironically, Rhewin was quoting the parts of a video. :razz: Wtf is this Lasheek?

Hot off the press! Apparently some people haven’t heard…

intelhunter: did you hear gnar?
[2:12pm] GnarGnar: Did you hear?
[2:12pm] • GnarGnar is being serious
[2:12pm] intelhunter: i had the luciddreaming bummer of this millenium today.
[2:12pm] GnarGnar: on the forum?
[2:12pm] GnarGnar: Did you hear on the forum?
[2:12pm] GnarGnar: Or on tv
[2:12pm] intelhunter: no.
[2:12pm] GnarGnar: Everyone on so far has heard
[2:12pm] DreamSailor: heard of what?
[2:13pm] intelhunter: i saw the LD4ALL logo in my dream and i didnt even RC…
[2:13pm] GnarGnar: You havn’t heard?!?!?!?!
[2:13pm] Siiw: lol
[2:13pm] GnarGnar: Seriously?
[2:13pm] intelhunter: no, fo’ real.
[2:13pm] DreamSailor: lol intellhunter, and no gnar
[2:13pm] GnarGnar: The bird is the word!


[3:55pm] • Mew151 just lost the game
[3:55pm] Kache: But your mind can do amazing things, create worlds so real that you are in disbeli-
[3:55pm] Kache: Dammit mew

not posting logs, but the way #ld4all was earlier today gave me back some belief in world peace :touched: It is impressive to see topics like that discussed without flaming or a fight.

Lot’s of new people :content:

Tggtt-phone: You just lost the game
[6:25pm] Tggtt-phone left the chat room. (Client exited)
[6:25pm] Mew151 left the chat room. (Ping timeout)

How Ironic.

21:27 Fate: meh
21:27 Fate: I lost
21:28 Fate: But not many people read this chat nowadays, so not much collateral damage.
21:28 Fate: You should be thanking me.
21:28 Magnus: bah
21:28 Magnus: you pinged me since mag is part of damage
21:30 Ansie: XD
21:30 Fate: Sorry xD

Myechta battles the dragon:

<myechta_ruko> how do i earn a definition?
<Z|phone> Man, I’ve changed so much since I moved out from home
you have too steal the dragon’s tail
<myechta_ruko> i have 10 dragon scales and 8 bones…
<Z|phone> I’ve gotten even more hyper after my mental state improved. o_O
<myechta_ruko> is that close enough?
<Z|phone> MUCH more hyper.
no sir
you must chop it off
<Z|phone> Since it wasn’t allowed/condoned at home and was looked down upon…
<myechta_ruko> ugh… ok. can you point me towards the dragon?
while it’s awake

  • StarryGwee points at Xander
    <myechta_ruko> lmao
    goodluck laddy
    <Z|phone> Bad idea
    <myechta_ruko> come here…
    <Z|phone> He’ll incinerate you
    <myechta_ruko> you gotta pretty tail boy
    <Z|phone> Being the dream lord and all
    <myechta_ruko> gwee… hand me a sword?
    myechta_ruko: it’s OK: !!
  • StarryGwee gives a sword-truit
    <myechta_ruko> thanks
  • myechta_ruko attempts a strike with the sword-truit
    be careful…
  • myechta_ruko it was ineffective!!!
    <myechta_ruko> ow my face!
    <myechta_ruko> it’s on fire!!!
    <myechta_ruko> gwee are you trying to kill me?!
    <myechta_ruko> give me another weapon!
  • StarryGwee gives taco
  • myechta_ruko myectha eats the taco and regains 100hp
    <myechta_ruko> thanks… delicious
    <myechta_ruko> may i have a battle axe?
  • StarryGwee gives ZRVera
    *** Anon4996 has joined #LD4ALL
    very effective
  • myechta_ruko throws ZRVera at the dragon
  • myechta_ruko ZRVera hugs the dragon
    <myechta_ruko> Vera no!!!
    nu, you forgot to put her on HYPER-MODE
    <myechta_ruko> dang it!! does she come with a manual?