Best IRC Moments

This is a place to put the your favourite IRC moments so you can show them to your grand kids when your older:

Some of my favourites would have to be when Sabre decided to show a picture of himself hehe (Wasn’t actually him) and when Wyvern drew Selena Sharkez and getting kicked for singing trolololol.

A more recent one was when someone came into IRC asking if anyone spoke another language, so they could practice with them, so I said you might wanna try google. He said no one was there :tongue:

The discussion I had with people about my hallucinations. :razz:

The epic moment when me and Mew151 spoke of BIG for the first time

How can we forget the times Wyvern tells us what his HH say as they happen? (And then laughing if we happen to affect them. ^^)

/me has a laugh with drinking games he plays behind the scenes when stupidity shows up. :razz:

Some years ago I thought about creating a thread for quoting the IRC moments on the forum. Is this the case?

What about my modesty fails? Although those aren’t quite as common lately… Or maybe so I think, I don’t know. :colgate:

There to common… what?

Ugh… that game has been the cause of far too many hangovers :razz:

I have so many of them so I cant figure out one :razz:

I think this topic should include random funny moments as well. :3

That being said:

You do remember to ask everybody for permission before posting chat logs, right? :yes:

Listening to IRC speech while falling asleep, or trying to sleep, is always one of my favourite moments. It has even given LDs.

I liked that one time someone linked to a picture of a cat. :razz:


… uh, it makes sense in context?

I do sorta remember that one.

Very funny, unfortunatelly, I think SherlawkDragon has no idea about this :meh: