Best Lucid dreaming APP for iOS


Just wondering , does any of you have any experiance with LD APP´s

What App would you recommend ?

I wish you all a very nice holiday :smile:

The only one I am aware of for iOS would be Dream:ON
I have tried it out a little. It has a dream diary, sounds that can be played, and a sleep monitor that tracks your sleep by movement.

I tried Dream:ON for a while.

Minus points: The method it is using to affect dreams (by playing sounds when you’re in REM sleep) doesn’t work very well for me. I have better success at affecting my dreams just by thinking about what dream I want to have before going to sleep. (This means that the placebo effect will be very large when trying to scientifically measure the effect of Dream:ON).

The app often misses the point where I’m in REM sleep, and plays the audio at the
wrong time.

Plus points: The way it uses the iPad’s accelerometers to work out when you’re asleep looks like it might be viable. The points where I fell asleep and then when I went into sleep paralysis are fairly clear on the graphs. The software that tries to work out what stage of sleep you’re in from accelerometers possibly needs more work on it before its reliable enough.