Best lucid nutrition method?

Does anyone have any successful lucid nutrition methods they wanna share?

That would be pretty usefull. Tell us, people.

Er… no… no, no, and no. I mean food to eat before you sleep to help you dream. lol, why would you eat walls?!

have you read around in the tools forum? there are some lucid foods around, bananas, turkey, vitamin b, things like that. there are several topics about it.

ok I’ll try that thanx pasQuale

I find that cheese works really well.

What about food for dream recall?

How do you mean?

I imagine its you can eat the same foods, for dream recall as you do for lucid dreaming?

yea I heard about cheese, but I thought that was just a myth

Cheese contains an amino acid called Tryptophan. Tryptophan converts to Serotonin which induces relaxation and a deep sleep. This helps with the vividness of the dream, therefore making it easier to get lucid.

The myth about cheese, is that it gives you nightmares. This is not true, it helps you get a good nights sleep.


Oily fish
Dairy products

(Taken from here.)

Lecithin (i.e. ordinary soya lecithin for instance) is supposed to help with dreaming, possibly also with recall.

Lecithin contains choline (quite large amounts of choline in fact), which gets combined with vitamin B5 to form Acetylcholine (also via the actions of other B vitamins such as B6, B9 and B12, I think).

Acetycholine is the dream chemical (if there is such a thing as the dream chemical :eh: ) … when we enter REM sleep levels of A~choline rise sharply while levels of serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, etc, all fall to virtually zero. A~choline is the neurotransmitter associated with dreams & dreaming, in other words. It’s also used as a treatment for Alzheimers incidentally, since it’s other main function relates to memory.

Anyway, in theory if you take at least 2 to 3 tablespoons of Lecithin granules a day (or lecithin capsules if you want, although this is much more expensive), plus a B complex and some B5, you should have more vivd dreams, and (I guess?) also better dream recall.

I’ve just tried taking the granules in the last couple of days, and I’ve got some B5 on order (200mg capsules), so I’m looking forward to seeing if combining these helps with my (totally hopeless :sad: ) dream recall (I’m just remembering fragments each morning right now, it’s getting very annoying… )

[Incidentally, lecithin granules have a kind of nutty/ buttery taste and are very easy to eat ~ you can add them to hot or cold drinks, sprinkle on meals (they taste suprisingly nice sprinkled over jacket potato), or just eat them off the spoon … also lecithin is used as a food additive in zillions of products anyway, although only in very small amounts…]

It is is important to eat healthy before bed. It is good for you mentally.

Here’s 3 different methods I use.

Method 1 (within an hour before sleep)
Fiji Water

Method 2 (over an hour before sleep)
Toast (Butter)
Vitamin Water (Bookoo water, prefering Dragonfruit)

Method 3 (Couple minutes before sleep)
Cranberry Juice : 100% Juice

Method 1 and 2 work just about same for me, I can often sometimes get an LD from those. Method 3 has worked the best for me. I’m most likely to get LD from those, most likely they are vivid. I believe it may be because of the cranberry juice has those high PH levels. Some drug users of “shrooms” use Cranberry Juice to drink on the side while eat shrooms to increase their PH levels to gain a higher trip. I believe maybe the same PH effect could work towards sleep. After exploring myself, after drinking Cranberry Juice, I not only got good-vivid dreams, but a nice LD. I do use MILD with it sometimes, but I most always know I’m dreaming using method 3.[/i]

I can deffiantely confirm that. I’ve been eating Chesire cheese a few times over the past couple of weeks. My vividness improved alot and I was able to recall 4 dreams a night minimum when I eat it.


Any specific kind of cheese?

Marmite cheese toasty.

Tonight I have eaten a sandwich with marmite and cheese, a banana, and a Junior B Complex pill. I can’t wait to see what happens.

I think any cheese will work. I use Cheddar because I like it the most and it seems to work. Different cheeses probably have different effects on your dreams so experiment.

No, don…oh too late. Did you get indigestion?