Best method

What is the best method you like to use for lucid dreaming? The only ‘high’ lucid dreams I’ve had were when I was also doing WBTB, but is it possible to LD without that?

I’ve had high level lucid dreams with reality checks…

If there were a “best” method there would be no need for this forum. A different method works best for everyone. As for me. . . I’m still looking for mine, 5 lucids in 9 months aint the best track record :sad: .

It is entirely possible to LD without using WBTB but using it increases your chances significantly.

I’ve just discovered that its astonishingly easy to get an LD when you have sleep paralysis (and are awake). Is there any method or technique to give me this?

So far, I have had the best luck with DILDs and RCs. Each LD was also preceeded by sleeping too much the previous day so that when I go to sleep for the night, I don’t sleep as deep, ultimately fading in and out of a waking state. I’ve had about 4 or 5 lucid dreams in the past 2 months and they are getting longer, more controlable, and more vivid each time. Good luck!