Best RC I know.

It may sound really hard, but is possible. It take me one week to complete, and am still not quite finish yet, but I had 3 lds in one night with this. ^.^

(Please no one yell at me).

My idea was plan for constant rc. Literally. I for one school week try to convince myself to wonder if I dream EVERY moment. To make sure that if had to pay attention to school, thought was still in back of mind. Make mind aware to just look for ANYTHING not right to inspire further investigation and ultimatly dicisive RC. Keep one eye on every clock at school, make sure everything seen exist, make sure same classmates, teacher, rooms in house, house, everything. Take every moment to acess situation, to ask “Where am I?”. This will almost garuntee.

May seem hard but did do. Is good feeling. Or is this what they call Lucid Living? I’m not sure. But I liked this one alot. ^.^

Who is up for?

Yes it looks like Lucid Living, but i suggest you to read up on that topic (its sticky). It seems to be a very good way to get lucid for those people dedicated (and able) enough to constantly check their environment. Good luck with it :smile:

darn! I was afraid of that. -.-

Is really sticky?
thank you.

I try, but this one I really have trouble with, I just seem to forget about it, or get caught up in something else, any tips with this? I’ll try again tomorrow too, and just keep trying untill it’s possable for me.