Best sleeping position for having Lds

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I don’t know about u, but when I wake up from a lucid dream, I’m usually lying on my back. Sometimes happenns that I wake up from an LD, and I stay in the same position (lying on my back) and soon I get me in another or the same Lucid Dream. What about you? Let me know, maybe there is a best sleeping position.


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I almost always get the OBE buzz on my back or stomach, never on my side. I don’t know why either.

A couple of nights ago I had a strange OBE buzz. Instead of a high frequency oscillation accompanied by an intense tingling sensation, I had a slow, controlled oscillating tone accompanied by a very mild tingle… and I saw through my couch ( I fell asleep there by accident.)

I wasn’t going to mention it until I had a little more evidence, but a few days ago I woke up and made a potentially shocking realization. I woke from an LD, lying on my stomach. Without even thinking about it, I reached over to my clock to disable the alarm (since it was no longer necessary). I then realized that almost every time I have a lucid dream, I wake up lying face down in the same general position.

It could be just a coincidence, but is it possible that certain positions (in relation to your more common sleeping position) might somehow cause your conscious mind to remain more aware while you sleep? For as long as I can remember, I’ve been unable to sleep on my back. For simple comfort reasons, I’ve also avoided sleeping on my front. Could it be that because sleeping this way is a little unusual to me, it increases my chances of becoming lucid?

I’d like to hear more about it before I actually make my mind up.

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I don’t like sleeping in my back too, because of comfort reasons too. But sometimes I wake up in that position… that’s when most of my Ld’s happen. Like u said, maybe the unusual keep our mind more concious, alert, because it’s strange, so, the mind must do something. Like Stephen Laberge said that the unusual sensation of spinning (u get dizzy) can keep lucidity.

That’s what I beleave… Does it make any sense for u?

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That’s what I used to believe. I usually wake up on my back (very rare for me) when I have LDs, but now I even got a buzz and wilded on my side last night. I ended up being lucid in my very first dream… ON my side! So now, I’m very confused! lol! I’ll try to do the same thing tonight and see if I can replay it… hopefully I can!

yeah, i naped this evening and woke up half way, had a nice dream recall, and went back to naping for another hour or so, as i felt myself starting to fall asleep i turned on my back an di had my first touch of lucidity ever :happy:

That’s very good to know Lucian…
Let’s try again… and post any results.

Well i can wild in sitting up position to…so mm maybe it aint that important…Think the most important is your back, neck and head are in a straight line because of yoga and meditation knowledge.
Lding i do best on my back.
I think that we all have our own best position or some positions for wilding or lding :smile:

Dm7 nice to c you again :wink:


Sometimes I get bad dream recall once in a while.I either sleep in a different position or sleep in a diffent place altogether.

Bingo! I think I made a theory now because I did replayed what I did last night. I ended up wilding and had several lucid dreams ON MY SIDE! I believe that, the position you’re sleeping in, plays a small factor in lucid dreaming, however, it can becomes a big factor somehow. For me, it’s playing a small factor right now… I don’t know how to prove this.

What I have found is a big factor for wilding and having Lucid Dreams are to follow your mind, let it wander. You will notice that your mind will become even more abstract. For me, I have noticed that I started to think of certain thing and everything starts to make sense… BOOM! The vibration comes and what I have thought of abstractly is totally forgetten. It’s almost like entering from a world full of thoughts into a world of blackness. Before entering the world of blackness… I feel that all solutions are at the surface in your mind. It happens to me, I was thinking of something and all of a sudden, I have found a breakthrough answer. Unfortunately, I forget them all.

Sorry if I’m getting off-topic here, but I have been experimenting with my sleeping positions and see if it is a factor in my WILDs so I thought I’d mention here.

P.S. Nice to see you too Jeff. :smile:

I had an LD. I woke up in the middle of the night and i remembered to lye on my back. But it was not confort, and i turned on my side. I slept ot an LD and woke up my stomach. I think that the intention was the key!
Write more.


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2 nights ago… I ended up wilding on my back. I fell asleep on my side at first then I got uncomfortable while my mind was wandering so I slowly turned on my back. All of a sudden, I entered into a dreamworld. So, maybe the “comfortable” is a key factor here. I don’t know. Just thought you’d like to know. :smile:

i peronally can’t get to sleep on my back, but when dreaming my most vivid dreams come when i am on my back. weird but true lol.

Well, I remember reading that your right side (a lions resting posture and buddha’s death position) is the best to re-enter a dream and become lucid.
It works for me, but I wouldn’t ever limit myself to any one posture

I’m more comfortable sleeping on my side, but I tend to remember my dreams more easily and have lucid dreams more often if I sleep on my back.


i remember a dream, where a voice told me to lay on my right side to have the best chances for a LD! you think i should follow this advice!
i never had a real LD yet!

:happy: Try David! And c what happens!
But try it for some weeks and not for some days or your experiment is to short on data.


I find that the best way is to change positions whenever one of them becomes too comfortable for me(which is about once every few months),or else I might start having dream droughts.

Either way I almost always wake up on my back or side.

for me it seems that it’s when I change position durring the night when I have more chance of LDs and better recall - perhaps it’s more about your body being used to the old position and not the new one that keeps your awareness up for a small time longer? who knows :wink: