Best technique for the afternoon?

What’s the best WILD technique to use in the afternoon?

I’ve tried a lot, but I end up with the same two problems: I either sit there for 2 hours doing the technique, or I lose concentration and fall asleep. I think I need something to relax me enough in the afternoon to get a successful WILD. Something that relaxes me like as if I first got up, which is where I at least got somewhere with WILD.

Have you ever WILDed in the afternoon and how did you do it?

I once just sat down in a comfortable armchair, and said to myself I was going to have a LD. I just latched onto a HI, and it developed and developed until the point that I was stepping in, although unfortunately someone then roused me. I think the important thing is that you actually have to feel like sleeping.

Hmm…I think my HI always starts out as random green blobs. Are you saying to focus on one of those?

I think you watch it passivly, not focussing to hard. My “HI” (I’m not really sure if it’s HI or not. Probably it is, though) is a bunch of green shapes. Usually it’s circles moving, though. Like once it was circle forming in the middle, and then flying in a random direction really quickly, before “burning out”


The only afternoon experience I have is after work if I feel tired enough to need a nap. Then I tend to slip into lucid dreams a bit easier as I have this idea that I realize I will be waking soon and shouldn’t go too deep.