Best thing to focus on in WILD?

Whats the best thing to focus on in WILD, so that Im not really thinking about my physical body but still aware.

Hmm, I’m wondering if I should post in this cause I fear it will be moved. . .

When I WILD, I concentrate on my HI. I detach myself from it so that I don’t analyze it or become too close to it (which will end it very quickly, believe me). Oftentimes when I begin the HI journey, I will also imagine myself running around my house, trying to visualize things in as great of detail as I can. I forget about my body and anything having to do with me. If there’s an image or a voice, I focus on it and let it all flow. Try this sometime: Next time you see a DC in your HI, imagine yourself running up to him/her or jumping on them or something, just so you visualize some sort of physical sensation. This has worked pretty well for me and then I can just have fun being lucid from there. For those who do the “counting or breathing technique”, I have no idea why they stick with it. It seems that the more you concentrate on your body, the worse your results will be.

Good luck with forgetting about your thoughts and your “in bed” reality.

i got a good idea this morning i need to test

just do whatever you do to make you fall asleep, then when you jerk awake, imagine yourself walking around somewhere, or climbing a rope…

you’ll lose focus… then you’ll jerk awake again! and you do it again.

and then it becomes a habit, and maybe one of the times you’ll be unconscious but the habit continues, and you are climbing a rope and you enter a lucid dream, or sleep paralysis.

i sure hope so.

when doing WILD i tried thinking myself climbing a mountain wall, i feelt a reistance, like i had my whole waking body draging beneeth me, and it feelt like my fysical body was being pulled up…or maybee it was the astral body…anyways the mountain climbing feelt quite real…so would that have been a short LD? or just HI?

It’s different for everyone. But for me, I find sound or my breathing.

I went to a conert last night, and tried WILDing when I got back at night. I concentated on the ringing in my ears (it was easy as it was quite loud), and ignored everything else (but whenever I checked my vision, I noticed I had mild HI).

That was the first time I’ve ever had HS. I heard peoples voices saying random stuff to me… which was actually quite freaky :eh:.

I have only had HS once too, I heard someone snoring and I was alone so it kinda freaked me out. But it was an interesting experience.

When I try to WILD I start by focusing on my body. Then when I start feeling SP I start focusing on HI. But I always seem to fall asleep while focusing on the HI. So maybe I should start focusing on something else.

I always have HS sometimes I can even control what it is…

I concerntrate on either HI or I count to a 100 or I just keep repeating something like “lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming…”


The real question here is what works for you. Everyone is different.
Things to focus on. Lets see there is :hmmm: :
=> HI
=> breathing
=> create a spinning or falling sensation
=> visualize a simple object such as a symbol or a book and stay focused on that.
=> Visualize a white dot in the center of your fore head between your eyebrows.
=> counting.
=> anything that does not require a lot of active thought

In my opinion, you do not want to focus on anything in your real environment or your real body because you want to let that world go.

Read the big WILD topic for more information.