"Big Brother Eye" temporarily (?) out of order

Since we moved to the new server, the “Big brother eye” didn’t work anymore.

I thought I fixed it, but instead it also showed members who preferred to be hidden from that list.

So, now I have removed the Eye entirely - you can’t use it anymore whether you want it or not.

When I have time to delve into this to try and fix it I’ll fix it. Any php/MySQL wizards in the house feel free to PM me :grin:

Well, even though I use the eye I think this is the best thing to do until this is fixed, I guess patience is a good friend meanwhile :grin:

No more eye ??? :cry:

Bah, and I discover this just when WG has started, now I need to come up with other reasons to kill people :tongue:

What exactly IS the eye? o.O

It used to be this little button with an eye-icon that you could click to see what users visited that particular topic.

You could see stuff like how often someone had visited a thread and what the last visit date was. I kinda liked the feature myself, but if people can’t opt out, then of course it’s a breach of privacy. I would like to see it return someday, though.

Oh I remember it… meh I don’t think it’s THAT useful, though it was fun to have.

I didn’t know where it went to… I thought I was just blind and could not find it. I need it for Wolfgame!

I always liked to see who read a specific thread and who didn’t… too bad the eye is out for… 3 months already !? Too bad… :sad:

23 July 2012, still out? :crying:

I don’t know much PHP or MySQL, but I’d be glad to try to help you out, Q, if you want to try and put it back online. I’d be interested in seeing who’s looked at my DJ, out of curiosity of course. :tongue: