i tried 3 methods.i am trying from an week! oh,man it dosent work!!
somebody has an VERY good TECHNIQUE!! plesa help!!!

Do WBTB in the early morning hours. While you fall back to sleep repeat the phrase I’m dreaming.

Three methods in one week?! No wonder your having trouble.
First of all, lucid dreaming takes time. The average time for your first LD could be anywhere from two weeks to two monthes, so have patience, and you’ll succeed.
Second, lucid dreaming methods usually take more than one try to work. So switching from method to method, day by day, wont get you anywhere. Try maybe one technique, like MILD, for two weeks, then switch to another, and so on. If you employ a technique like a Dream Journal, or Realty Checks, those are things that you must constantly practise.
The basic thing to consider here is that pateince is key, and rushing may make things worse for you.

ok thanks,but whats better?? WBTB or MILD??

err, i frequently hear people say that they do WBTB methode and then as they go back to sleep, they go for a WILD. but im not sure, it may not even be posible, im probably just blowing wind outta my ass (sorry for “foul” lingo).

The WBTB method was a good one for me when I was first starting out. Combine it with lots of RCs. A way that works well for me is to drink lots of water before I go to sleep. I will most likely dream of looking for a bathroom. I’ve trained my self to do a RC everytime I go to the bathroom, so in the dream I could become lucid. If not, then I’ll have to wake up anyhow to go to the bathroom in RL. Then in RL I’ll go to the bathroom, do the RC, then on my way back to sleep, " 1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming, 3…" And I visualise myself becoming Lucid in a dream And being very happy.

 Focus :eek:  !

Worm, you’ll need to spend some time with each method to see which one works better for you. Every lucid dreamer’s psychology and phisiology is different, so each method will have different result for everyone.
You could however, begin with the method you like best, or that works well for others. You could start with WBTB. It seems to be quite popular, and in my opinion its easier than MILD.

OK i will try!! WBTB seems to be more “possible” to me.ok lets try :smile:

slow down :grin: You probibly wont LD in your first week of trying, so don’t get frustrated after just a little bit of time! Remember, many of the LD ‘Gods’ here started off not getting many LD’s or ANY LD’s, although some are naturals many people aren’t. Give your self lots of time, don’t sleep weird hours (Except WBTB if you’re trying that) do 1million RCs every day, read the forum before going to bed, try some techniques in ‘shortcuts to lucidity’ and you will have a LD! Good luck! :happy: