BIG problem with WILDING

Hola fellow dreamers!

I’ve tried way to long to experience a WILD, I know exactly how hard it is to go from the waking state into the dreamworld, but that’s not the case. I simply can’t asleep while lying on my back, I’m drifting close to sleep back and fourth, very relaxed, almost not feeling any parts of my body at all. But still, I have never even gotten close to feel the slightest of sensation of the buzzing, tingeling, and any other sensation that are related to a transition. Also; I’ve never fallen asleep on my back, I have to roll over to my side.

I read Thomas Yuschaks book, The Power Of Supplements, a couple of times and was hoping for some of the supplements to help me with this. It would help me a if I just could get to the part where you feel the sensations, and actually feel that I’m heading in the right directions.

What I usually do when I’m trying, sometimes after 4-5 hours of sleep, sometimes not.
Stretching for 5 to 10 min.
Relaxing before bed a while.
Lying on my back, completely relaxed, doing some exercises to relax me even more.
Waiting for about 20 to 30 min, (sometimes it gets unbearable to stay on my back, as I normally sleep on my side)
Thereafter I roll over to my side, waiting for any sensations to come. Sometimes I even stay relaxed on my back for hours, without moving at all - but it’s completely black, I’m just having some random thoughts which I sometimes try to silent. And I end up lying there trying for an hour or two without being able to fall asleep.

So fellas, any idea? How do you do normally, what are you focusing your mind at and how long does it normally take for you to get near a transition?
Appreciate any answers! Thanks in forehand


Actually, it’s possible to WILD on your side. It’s more important to be in a comfortable position.
Quote from Meow’s SP guide

Believe it or not, but my only succesful attempts to generate LD’s through WILD are when I’m not doing it on purpose. I just go to bed, then I see a hypnagogic imagery building up (with flashes, parts of objects, stars, …) and at a certain moment I 'm like ‘hey, those images are quite stable and realistic, I’ll try to step around in them!’ and hoppa, I’m in the middle of a lucid dream :smile:

But when I try to do it on purpose by consentrating on those images it never works and I even get punished by not getting asleep anymore for hours.

It just happens without forcing or even expecting to be succesful in it, and mostly when I missed a few nights of sleep and I’m really very tired (a long haul flight with a good jetlag during a worldtrip and I’m almost guaranteed to have two or three WILD- LDs within a week after the flight)

Also the mexican dream herb Calea sometimes induces WILD experiences every now and then as it makes the HI much more vivid and stable.

edit: maybe interesting to know that all my WILD induced LD’s occured when sleeping on my side, so I even don’t know of laying on your back would work in this method :wink:

I have to agree that sleeping on your back is not required.

You mentioned Yuschak’s book. Did you try galantamine or nicotine? Frankly, if you are expecting a sensation of some kind (buzzing, or head/neck vibrations) that would be the way to go.

Also bear in mind that oftentimes people fall asleep and don’t even realize it. They just start dreaming that they are still trying to WILD. So an occasional reality check is useful. Or sometimes for me, I can tell myself that if I’m really asleep, the radio will be left on. Or by focusing my attention on my third eye, I can induce vibrations (which are really simulated vibes since your already dreaming of course).

Use a pillow made for sleeping on your back. They’re less high than the ones that you use when you sleep on your side.

What moogle said…

Wild is about finding and spot you can be content with and basically allow yourself to forget about your physically body. So just get comfy, stop moving and forget your body.