Big problem.

Alright, well I haven’t been into LD’s for a really long time but I want to get back but here’s the problem: I can’t write my dreams down in the morning, I have to get to school really early - and I have problems waking up in any case. Any alternatives to remembering my dreams since I have no time? Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :alien:

I forgot to say that during the time I wasn’t interested in LD’s I had a few (about 2-3) unintentionally and they were OK, not great but pretty good.

i would suggest going to bed earlier and setting your alarm to go off in the middle of the night at one of the periods you would probably wake up while dreaming (4 and 1/2 hours, 6 hours, etc.). Then, since you got to sleep earlier you won’t lose sleep writing your dream down. You’ll get your dreams written down this way for sure, cause you won’t have school in the way. Also, it might have a WBTB method effect, and since you will be more alert when going back to sleep, you’ll have higher chances of LDing.

hope this helps, good luck imm0rtal! :smile:

Uhm, I also wrote that I have big problems waking up anyway, so getting up earlier wouldn’t do. :bored:

um… well i can’t really think of another way. if you don’t have time to remember them, then the only solution would be to make more time. but i guess if you have trouble waking up you can’t :eh:. Umm… can you just wake up a few minutes, like 5-10 minutes, earlier and recollect as much as you can, then write it down at school or after school? or if you don’t like that idea, maybe afternoon naps would work for you :confused:/. i’m trying, hehe :smile:.

if none of these sound good, i guess you’ll just have to wait till summer vacation. :eh:

i wish you luck with remembering, sorry i can’t help more… i can’t really think of another way.

I have the same problem, what I do is write them down while im on the bus. If someone asks what your writing, they’ll probably leave you alone if you say “I’m writing down my dreams.”

Of course, if you don’t ride a bus/are in college than I don’t know what you should do.

You could use a device (or computer program) which records your voice… and then just say your dreams. This way you can write down your dreams later.

umm…you could just make yourself get up :huh:

Is it not worth the effort?

:yinyang: :zzzz: :yinyang:

Like Stephan said-small minirecorder would help with your problems.I use it most of the time.It lays next to me all night and if i wake up i just mumble to it.Then ,later on or during the day ill put all down on paper.
good luck.

If I don’t have a lot of time in the morning, I just get my journal and write down about 5 words that will make me remember my dreams later on in the day. It only takes a couple seconds to do this, and then later on in the day, maybe after school, you can write down in detail what happened. :content: Good luck!

To he honest, you really do have to put in some effort if you want to get results. If (like me) you tend to get up in the morning with barely enough time to see your own reflection in the mirror as you dart past trying to gather your stuff and still make it to work before 9, then for the love of God, get to bed earlier. If your life doesn’t accomodate at least 9 hours of laying in bed each day, then you must have rolled “snake eyes” when they were gambling for people’s lifestyles.

Set an alarm to wake you up after 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Upon waking up, roll over, raise your writing arm over to the nearby table, pick up the pre-prepared pencil and scribble a few words down anywhere on the page. “Black cat, sister has new car, dad kills postman”. Then, release the pencil, roll back over, retreat your arm to the warmth of your bed covers, and return to sleep. If you want to be really tricky, you can use this time to reset your alarm to give you another 1 or 2 hours of sleep before going off again.

Despite popular belief, waking up for 25 seconds in the middle of the night does NOT destory your ‘rest period’ and essentially make the entire night worthless. I cannot stress that enough. Also, wake up 10 minutes before you actually have to get out of bed. This will give you time to reflect back over the last few dreams you had, and allow you those required few seconds to write the new set of keywords down again.

If you’re not prepared to alter your sleep cycle to allow for lucid dreaming, it’s your decision.

why dont try jumpong off a high building and see if u wake up or do something will make u wake up in time

Like charlotte mentioned, writing down only keywords is the obvious solution.That only takes you a minute

I have just started keeping a dream diary and found on the first night it was a huge problem. After writing for an hour - just too much vivid description going on- I was wide awake so ended up getting up despite it being 4.30 in the morning. I have changed to a few brief notes in the night but I think I have more detailed recall doing it all immediately.

So I have set up a voice recorder too. I can say in a few minutes what it take 1/2 hr plus to write. Main benefit…I can go back in to same dream if I want answers or am just finding it entertaining as am not up too long.

Usually, this works great for me. However, I woke up one morning to read my pad and found the following scribbled down: “chair, swim, fat girl, triangle.” Not only could I not remember a single thing about the dream, I had no memory of waking up and writing those words down. I pondered those words throughout the day, but nothing - not even a fragment of a dream ever surfaced. :neutral:

But like I said, this method usually works :wink: .

like said, lucid dreaming does require some effort. if you really can’t change your sleeping schedule around for it (I wouldn’t know why not, it’s definitely worth it for LD’s! :content:), then wait till you have a little more time… like I said summer vacation.

but, everyone’s advice is really a better solution. just get up and write a few things down and go back to bed. that’s not too hard, and you’ll be able to fall asleep easily. you’ll probably only lose at most a half hour of sleep or so depending on how much time you lie and recall your dreams.

also, if you want to get better at waking up. drink a lot of fluids before bed, i tried it last night and i woke up having to go so bad :wow: there was no way i wasn’t getting up. or you could set your alarm clock on the other side of the room, i heard that works. once you actually get out of bed it’s not so hard to write your dreams down for a few minutes. good luck, i hope all this helped and you get back on the road to LD’s :smile:!

Wow. Now THATS a good idea - the alarm clock at the other side of the room. I just hope I don’t jump out the window in the process. I’ll try it, and I’m on a new sleeping schedule and I’ll try waking up earlier.

Thanks everybody for replying! :grin: