Big Question Relating Dreams and turning them into RL

OK, My question is I had an Idea in a ND. I thought "When I’m dreaming can I unlock my mind and have it unlocked in RL. So I could have total control over my entire mind and with as much Know everything going on in my subconcious. Or Maybe be able to use Telekinisis in RL, Be able to slow down or even stop time in RL.

I’m no Scientist but I just Can’t help but think this is possible.

It’s not gonne work. First of all mind and subconscious are two different things. Second, mastery over your mind (active, thinking process) only comes through long time of training, practise and perseverance.

On a sidenote, on a “small” scale perhaps it could work, if I remember correctly some people have claimed to kind of “hack their brain” and become lucid nearly in all dreams…

I think you could only go as far a Xetrov said. TK in real life ( in my humble opinion) is not possible, because in dreams, you can do it because its all in your head. Real life is not like that.

Yeah, But somehow I still can’t help but think that it is possible. And this feeling is just incredibly overwhelming. And every feeling I have ever had like this has been true in at least one major part. I am going to try this tonight. I’ll have an update.