Biggest Dream Sign I've ever missed!

So tonight I had this dream, and I think I missed the biggest dream sign so far.
I was at home when a woman knocked on the front door. I opened the door and behind it was a beautiful woman, who had something to tell me.

I cannot remember this part exactly, but she showed me some weird things, I cannot really explain it, but that’s what it is about, because she told me: Yeah it’s really weird, but this isn’t a dream!!!

So I was like: Not? But it is all so weird and unrealistic!
And then she said something like: Yeah I know but you have to take my word for that!
And I replied with something like: Well, ok I guess I’ll believe you then (While doing the breathe through nose RC, which failed)

But because she sounded so kind and because she was so beautiful, I really did believe her. So perhaps that’s why I didn’t do more RC’s or something… (While, IRL, I always do)

I really want to meet her again in a different dream, because she was so kind and all, but I hope she won’t fool me again. Perhaps she’s just testing me if I am good enough to become lucid :tongue: (Now I’m talking as if my DC’s have their own lives… :neutral: )

Lol, that last part made me wonder. A lot of people do spemd time creating DC’s that do end up having a personality of their own. And when they reappear, it’s like one of those games where you build a town, log off, come back, and it’s been doing its own independant thing while you’ve been gone…

But, argh! That RC fail must be frustrating :razz: wonder what she says next time when you outsmart her? :smile:

Hahaha oh well at least I know I am getting close again!

I’ll let you know if I found her again. :content: