Billy Mays

Ummm…anybody else sad that Billy Mays died? I quite enjoyed watching his infomercials when I should have been dreaming…but now who will sell us stuff on TV? Certainly not the Shamwow guy because he’s in jail!
RIP Billy Mays!

Shamwow guy’s in jail?? Well then…
Yes, I was rather surprised to learn Mays had passed. I mean, the charlie’s angel actor died, and Michael Jackson. I really didn’t see ANY of them coming…they were still fairly young too.

RIP Mays,Jackson,and Faucet

Don’t forget about Farrah Fawcett. She died on the 25th. :sad:

I’m going to miss Billy Mays the most out of all of them. Kind of sad to prefer a salesman over the man who changed pop music, but still. :cry:

I’m sad that Billy Mays died, but not too disappointed. I liked watching his reality show. It’s really surprising that only a week ago he was on The Tonight Show.

The only one Ive heard of who died was Michael Jackson, it was really hard to read that article :sad: I really like his music and hope its gonna be alive though the star is dead :rip:

Yeah apparently the Shamwow guy beat up a hooker because she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go…but I guess that’s what you get for crossing a hooker. Anyway that’s why he’s out of the picture.

Wait, a guy who sells window cleaning products on television died… so what? I don’t mean to sound hostile, but what is it that made this guy so great?
He was in a reality show? So what? Those are just boring shows that show how other people live their (arguably)slightly less boring lives and keep you from living your own boring life. (EDIT:ooh, apparently reality shows also put real people into interesting situations, not that this would redeem anything)
I understand how Michael Jackson’s death might be considered a big deal(not that I care much about him either, or that actress), but a guy who is on TV and describes, in a really loud voice, how great some product is that removes your nose hair… I just don’t get it. There are dozens of people that do the same thing as that guy, if not hundreds.
Maybe it’s some American thing that you need to be American to understand?

Well YOU sir have just sealed your doom! Never more will loud booming voices bless your laundry with uncanny freshness!

I’m not that lucky. One of them dies, another three take he’s place. :content:

I found some funny videos of Mays’ infomercials… so, in the end, his work did have a meaning even for me :lol:.

SPOILER - Click to view

here and here :rofl:

@Aks: Yeah, it’s pretty sad how consumerism dominates America. I’m American, by the by, so you know that I’m not just bs’ing.

But it’s strange how many celebrity deaths have happened recently. I say…conspiracy!

I thought so too…I mean, one after the other. It’s sad, and odd at the same time.

Billy Mays was awesome. We only know this because he was talented enough to get on TV all the time. o.0 Can we not make this another consumerism-bashing thread and just mourn the loss of an incredible person?

Truly, Billy Mays made watching infomercials amusing (at least for me) and all the jokes and fun they had on the internet, even that show on Discovery Channel called Pitchmen, that was actually a success. I liked the process of how things go through advertising a product. And to see Billy Mays behind the scenes was priceless, lol. And Of course MJ and Farrah Faucet, all these untimely deaths, It has me wondering. Ah well.

RIP, MJ, Billy Mays, and Farrah Faucet.

Yeah, I’m not trying to depreciate Billy Mays, I mean, he was kinda annoying at times, but mainly just full of win. His death was really unexpected and sad.

Hehehe. Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and Farrah Faucet worked together to bring down the U.S. government… but they were caught and disposed of :grin:.
You never know, though. People often kill for stupid reasons.

One more thing I don’t understand: How can you say that any one of these people was a great person? How many of you personally knew them? People on TV pose and pretend, they have no reason to show who they really are. If Jackson had a tendency to do strange things to little boys, he would act the opposite on TV. He might have enjoyed wearing ballerina clothes, but he’d never appear on TV wearing one.
In my mind, only those who know people personally and for a longer period of time can really say: “this person was great”.

What’s really remarkable is how he died.

Anyone here know about Liam Neeson’s wife? She hit her head on the ski slopes bunny hill, comes out of the little injury fine. Dead a day or two after.

Billy Mays: He was on an airplane. During landing, front wheel came off. Lots of shaking, and a carry on bag above his head hit him. Gets off plane, gets interviewed, dies in his sleep.

Someone’s been writing names in the Death Note, that’s what I say.

I watched a tribute to him only a few minutes ago.

Even I started tearing up from watching it. :sad:

R.I.P. Mays. I always laughed so hard when I watched his commercials. It always seemed like he was yelling.

That’s probably because he was :content:.