I need information. Can someone point me to a site that will help me make my own Binaural beats? I’ve found one, but then I had to Reinstall windows (the worst OS in hell). The site wasn’t that informative, either.

i have a program WavePad. I like it a lot. You can edit sound, rip a cd, burn a cd, do a whole lot of stuff!
It is also good for creating binaural beats, but you have to download the free plugin! the plugin is also very small in size so.
the process is very simple. you must know how fast you want them to beat. 5hz is good!
so you make a plain wave with 440hz frequency, and another one that has more 5Hz than the first, so 445Hz. the heared result should be something like a 442,5Hz that beats 5 times each second. Get the big picture?
I think you should put each wave in a channel, one for the right ear and the other for the left.
You should also pay in mind the frequency differences you use for decreasing binaural beats. If you use very distant frequencies like 440hz and 660hz the result would be a musical perfect5th or an A and an E. This means your brain wouldn’t precieve binaural beats, but two different notes played at the same time.

You can calculate this with some equations, but I think it would be best if you experiment a little.
First try that 440hz + another wave with 445hz, to get the feeling.
Try a high frequency like 440Hz. Then try putting another high frequency like 440+29=469Hz. This should vibrate 29 times each second, which is the frequency of your brainwaves in a wakestate. It probably won’t work. Try to see if you percieve this as a Very Vibrating frequency or as 2 frequencies, or non-Vibrating frequency, or something very different than the 440 + 445 waves.
If doesn’t work keep on trying higher frequencies till you get to one, like 1000Hz for example, where you can add 29Hz with out making a noticeable pitch change, just a vibrating change.
Then make a pitch shift or change the waves pitch till you get a difference of 5Hz or less between both waves.
Here’s a site, it has something about brainwave frequencies -
I wouldn’t buy there meditation product, 'cause it seems to be a way of making people pay for what it should be free!
I don’t tell you to go straight away and try something like 7000Hz frequences 'cause it’s too high and anoying and i don’t know up to what point safe to your ears!
I would go with a as-low-as-you-can-precieve-a-regular-fast-beating pitch!
Are you going to use voice recordings?
Report results.


Hi Akir,

If you don’t want just binaural beats, but a really good brainwave entrainment program and lots of information, take a look at this page:

I’m using Audacity :^P

Anyways, the webpage I had before was more indepth then that one, telling what notes are what frequencies, what frequencys incur emotions, et cetra. However what I wanted was specifics. Unfortunately, I lost the page when I reinstalled Windows (and it also removed my bootloader; I hate Windows, and Bill Gates in general). Anyways, i’ll host the file that I made to help with my final exams in a second. it works. I got a %96 on my Biology IH test.

Ok, It’s up. It’s “test” im this Yahoo Briefcase. Also Featured in there is a nice song that I compressed to Ogg Vorbis (“Dream Alone”) and a photograph of some one I know (which will mke you wonder who it is that I hang out with). …

Also check out “Hello World” Creative, unforunately hosted at Tripod.

CoolEdit is a great audio editor which has this function built-in.

So does Audacity.
All I get from you is an ad? You could at least tactfully place them in a post like I do.