Binaural Beats, explained.

Just what are binaural beats? Explained as detailed as possible.

Basically it’s about two tones with 10 Hrz difference, that when played, gets mixed in your mind, creating them.

(The purpose of this topic is to unravel more of tthe beats, with all you other dreamers’ help.)

what? are you asking, or answering the question here? If your answering it, then you really haven’t grasped the idea of binaural beats. Either way look at the Binuaral Beat article in the lucid library.

The theory is that if two slightly different tones are played one in each ear, the brain will try to tune in on both of them, thus changing the brainwave frequency, right?

Has anyone proven that this works BTW?

I answered the very basic thing about it. I just need the very advanced answers about them.

bwgen topic in the library (thanks Philthemn)