Binaural beats

First of all sorry for posting two topics so close to each other but…

Having never dabbled with them before i want to give them a try and see if they work for me but…

I have no idea what ones to use when and con’t find a clear guide on the internet.
Do i use a specific one at a specific time ie theta after WBTB and alpha when originally going to sleep or what?

Any advice on how to use them is greatly appreciated :smile:

thanks again!

Generally binaural beats associated with LD and AP use ‘Thetha’ frequency which u hv to use before going to sleep. Also there are many brainwave entertainments like isochronic etc. U can search google to find many free downloads, particularly, isochronic tunes.

I don’t have that much experience, but I use theta every once in a while to meditate. Don’t expect it to do a miracle and give you LD (not saying it won’t happen, though). Brainwaves help you get in a certain state of mind, relaxing you, etc. So if you listen to them and still practice other techs, without putting all your hope in them, that would be best IMO. good luck!