birth control and becoming preg

Ok first of all I would like to know how often do people become pregnant while on birth control.

I just started the patch this month and just like the pill there is a week where you don’t take it (well in this case put a patch on) and you are supposed to have a period, well I took my patch off yesterday afternoon and Im still not on my period and I have been sexually active. Is this a bad thing??? shouldn’t I have started my period by now? this doesn’t mean I could be pregnant does it??? im getting freaked out.

can anyone help me out on this one?

you dont often get your period immediately after you remove the patch. It can take a few days.
(it was with me the same when i first started with the pill… i freaked out so much when my period wouldn’t come. Eventually it came after a few days. Talk about relief).

Nice to have you back BD87. I haven’t seen you for a while.

But Q is absolutely right but on another note. Use back up like condoms… keep it safe too