Bizarre thoughts and awareness in regular dreams

In MANY of my dreams I’ll have a certain level of awareness that could be compared to lucidity but isn’t quite the same. Sometimes I’ll be half-aware of the dream. I’ll play the part of the main character and go through the dream as I normally would, and I’d think the same sorts of thoughts that an unassuming dreamer would think. At the same time though, I’ll think thoughts like “That is so cliche.” or “I thought that was a kind of lousy plot twist. Lame dream.” but I won’t ever actually think “Hey, I’m dreaming!” and become lucid.

But I think that’s sort of common. Here’s the strange part: Sometimes my dream thoughts will just be totally out there. For example, last night I had a dream where I was the main character in a movie. I thought the sorts of thoughts that the main character would think, like “I’d better hide over there so they won’t see me.” But throughout the dream I’d hear in my head audio commentary on the movie I was in, as if I were watching it on DVD. And I’d think about the commentary. Near the end of the dream, someone in the commentary spoiled the ending and I thought “Oh man, I don’t want to know how it ends!” and covered my ears so I couldn’t hear it. (Amusingly enough when I covered my ears the voice from the commentary actually started saying “blah blah blah spoilers spoilers blah blah…” until I uncovered my ears.) I also used clues from the commentary to help my plight as the main character of the movie.

Is that a common thing, or do I just have an insane subconscious mind? Also, do you think I could somehow use that kind of awareness to bump me into lucidity?

Dreams have the capability to be very wierd. Anything goes and there’s no such thing as normal.

Anyway, I’d say somebody’s been listening to too many directors commentries.

The same thing’s happened to me (the semi awareness in dreams)
before. And besides, I’m the one who killed a dog in his dream just recently - and went on a killing spree in a place like Super Mario world. Besides if your subconcious is insane, then mine is homicidal…

I’ve had dreams like that before. I know, to a very limited degree, that I’m dreaming. But I don’t exercise any control or think about the fact that I could go off and do something else.

As I said in a few other threads, I think it’s possible to have no lucidity and be kind of aware that you’re dreaming. That happened to me. But that may be just low lucidity or prelucidity. As for the other thing…

I think I can say that I’m the king of weird dreams. A few days ago I had a dream where I was in a TV Thriller. The plot was, some woman wanted me to cut something with a scissor out of my stomach. I think it wasn’t as brutal in the beginning, but I forgot the real plot during the dream and made that up. There were several scenes that just happened more than once. Kind of a dream déjà vu, but it really did happen more. Ah and I should get something for that I do that. So I did it and they sent somebody to give me the price or something like that. But when he got out of their car, the car drove away and it seemed that the woman both fooled us, me and the price-giver. This was losely inspired by an episode of Criminal Intent I watched before. And I often have dreams of epic fights and other worlds that seem to last for years (or I had them). And even more weird stuff. I’m very excited on my DJ. :tongue: