Black Bird

Last night I had a bundle of weird dreams but surprisingly the one I thought to be the most normal turned out to be the most shocking to me.

I dreamed I was in some kind of place where they keep birds and let them fly free inside a wide open area. Me, my mom and some of her friends were about to leave when we turned around to see rows of bright blue birds staring at us. Then a single black one popped out of the trees and flew onto my finger. I though it was cute until it started to squeeze my finger really hard to the point where I could hardly feel it anymore. We go it off eventually and that was that.

I thought nothing of this dream when I woke up until I was out for a walk and saw the exact same looking bird walk around in the bushes right next to me. It was so close that I wondered if it’s wing was broken and couldn’t fly because if it could I’m sure it would have. I noticed it’s resemblance to the bird in my dream, and I debate whether I should bring it home or not, but I decided to ignore it and just kept walking.

Not even an hour later me and my mom drove by the same route and found it dead. It had most likely walked onto the road and had gotten hit by a passing car.

Now I’m sitting here, wondering if my dream was actually a premonition and if in that dream the bird was asking for help.

I could have saved it’s life.

Dont’ be hard on yourself. Nothing in your report of the dream suggests, to me, that you “should have saved the bird.”

Maybe it did communicate with you. Why not try to dream of it again and ask?

That’s pretty interesting… things like this pop up which make me think that dreams are more than just dreams.

It’s not your fault it died, don’t worry about it too much. I don’t think that the bird was asking you for help though, it’s just a bird.

Maybe, they appeared in your dream, because you actually heard them IRL.

But anyway, as much as I find this sad, this is just what happens, but it is definitely not your fault. And either way, there’s no way to go back and change the past. Even though we all want to undo what we’ve done at certain points in our lives, we just can’t. Sometimes you can learn from it though, but in this case, you couldn’t have known this would happen. A dream could mean anything.

Don’t feel bad please :smile: