Blacklisted by IamShaman, this is important!

We have told you before; you have been placed on our internal BLACKLIST
no further orders will be accepted from you, so please go buy your


I ordered some salvia, calea zaca…, and kava kava from them… a week goes by, nothing happens after I get my order confirmation, so I ask them what is going on, and that is the reply I get.

This is extremely alarming… I mean, I didn’t break any laws, so what’s the deal? Am I on some sort of suspected illegal drug user list? That would be asinine, and rather pointless… and would mean that the government is controlling IamShaman, and declaring that their services are completely legal.

To my knowledge their services ARE completely legal, that is why they say so multiple times on their webpage.

So then, the only other things I can think of is someone has used my email address to do something that pissed the company off, I pissed them off when I ordered last time and there was a mixup about what address to send to, or, someone who used to live in my apt has pissed them off somehow?

Basically, last time I ordered I thought it was coming UPS, or FedEx, but it went USPS, and I didn’t want that to happen because then my parents would have noticed my package in the mail.

But that’s no reason to blacklist me… wtf.

I would write them back, and ask what you did to be placed on the list.

I did.

maybe they think i am under 18 somehow, which i’m not.

I don’t know what they would base it off of though, I use my own cards, the bank knows my age, or the bank damn well should since you have to put your birthday on the form for getting the card.

what’s another good site to get this stuff from that has good prices and good quality?
i know of

That is very strange that they did that to you. I have never ordered from there. But I have thought about getting my kava kava from there. What seems like a pretty good salvia site to me is They also have some other stuff you might be interested in.

Maybe it was something you did in a past life? j/king. :tongue:

Well that kind of treatment makes me mad. Want me to write to them and ask why they treat their customers like crap?

how and why is this important? :confused: (as it says in the title)